One day with Sophia.

The robot Sophia came to Bangladesh at my invitation, the airport in Peru was in danger, her luggage is not available, so artificially intelligent Sophia scanned the airport all over the world, but nowhere to find CNG, the danger of Sophia, CNG will not go to the meter, bargain He doesn’t have the logic to do it, so he decided to walk. Seeing the trees exported for lakhs of rupees in the city, Sophia got a good idea about us. Going to me, Sophia is stuck in the push of protocol this time, thousands of people are stuck, only one person is taken, Sophia calculates the importance of everyone’s time and expense, our country is three days behind the rate of progress, Sophia pushed more to enter our area, here Roads are flooded, polluted water is being trampled, pits are filled, Sophia scanned our VAT list and Gulshan VAT list, the same, then what is the crime of the people here?
Sophia now sat in front of me with a sad face, asking what am I doing? I said holding the coil, he said why the coil? I said mosquitoes bite here even during the day, mosquitoes in this country do not believe, even a robot can bite you, he then scanned the last spray of our mosquito repellent was surprised, this information was not found, asked me how much is this coil? After saying the price, he turned on a few red lights and said why so much? I said the Ministry of Commerce will be able to say, I told Sophia to see if I can feed you tea but there is no gas in the house, Sophia smiled softly and said thank you robots are hungry, but why there is no gas? You don’t pay regular bills, I said yes, but for some invisible reason we often have gas problems in this country, even NASA scientists couldn’t solve this problem, Sophia said you are paying the bill without getting service? I said scan the answer.
I bought some medicines to eat, Sophia scanned and said most of them are not medicines, chalk powder or flour, this time with a gastric tablet in hand, I wanted to know the price, I said the price, more said these have now become regular food, Sophia’s production cost PP roared and fell on the sofa.
Sophia has lost her knowledge of our language, her database of information, logic and anti-logic have all broken their own circuit, the poor may have thought that people are alive in this country, it is an amazing truth outside of logic, we may face hard truth, robots may not.
Who are you, sell this Sophia in Bhangari shop and buy two onions and come back ….


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