One of the best thrillers is the story from Nubravalli to Turtuk.

Ever since I planned to return from Srinagar to Jammu via Khardungla along this Manali-Leh highway, I have never had any thoughts. How there will be turtuk is still unknown to us. The first thing I know about Turtuk is from the Apur Ladakh plan. And then I hear the story of Turtuk’s visit and see the picture after Mahadi Sumon’s visit to Turtuk. So the addition of Turtuk at the very end of this Purple Dream Trip.



So Turtuk is an infinite blessing of God! I will tell that story later separately. Now I will just tell the story of a different experience from Nubra to Turtuk. Starting from Khardungla, sometimes red hills, sometimes yellow hills, sometimes copper, sometimes black hills, and the various ups and downs of the Indus and Sayak rivers, when the Nubra Valley begins at about 12 noon.



Crossing the steep path, we hurried down to the plains. The whole Nubra Valley is surrounded by mountains of various colors and types. After reaching Nubra, the driver tried to explain to us in various ways that Turtuk is a lot of trouble, trouble, and risk, so we spend the whole day in Nubra without going there. But since we are adamant in our plan to go to Turtuk, we have to show our new passport, get permission, enter the police station and get approval from the police station. Anyway, let’s tell the driver at Nubra police station. We were taken to the Nubravalley Police Station in a very secluded road surrounded by a village surrounded by cuts on both sides!



I entered an Indian police station for the first time, crossing the beautiful gate and the comfort of an old abandoned house amidst some lush green forests and flowers on the banks of the Sayak River. At first, I was a little shocked but I managed it. Everyone was in the car. I went alone and finished the formalities and got approval by answering some questions. Do we have a video camera, a drone, or a very modern device? He said it would be very difficult if caught later! I’ll come out to make sure I’m not there either. Then the new question is whether I will stay overnight?

Asked to say no, then fix the place to stay in Nubravalli, submit that address, and a copy of everyone’s passport. The driver finished all the work in that way and started walking from Nubra to Turtuk. That road seemed many times harder, more exciting, and riskier than the entire Namali-Leh Highway. So I did the enjoyment of everything.
When you go or come on the Manali-Leh Highway, after a while you will meet some people. Either by car, not by jeep or by bike or truck. And for some time there is always a place to stay or Dhaba. There are almost smooth roads, bends in the hills and the height is risky, but the car can run quite fast, most of the way. But this way? The 70-kilometer road from Nubravalley to Turtuk is like a different world, a silent, lonely, and wailing road.





As soon as you cross the Nubra Valley plain and climb the hill, you will be surrounded by solitude and sudden silence. And the most creepy feeling in the village will be the Sayak river that flows at a terrible speed with thousands of feet below. Whose water currents are so high and so high that huge rocks are being moved from one place to another on a regular basis! Most of the roads are full of rough and loose rocks, where small and big rocks of various shapes are regularly falling or falling from the hills! The road is so narrow that if you want to give a car a side, you have to stand on the side for a long time, for fear that the car will not be able to fly again in the wind.

Mile after mile of ups and downs. Sometimes an area reserved for the army and air force in a place where it is clearly written again that if you try to take a picture or see it, you will shoot without any question! Those areas are so protected. And the iron suspension bridges that cross the Sayak River several times from one hill to another and up and down the mountain have each been built with a unique skill.



There is a separate army team around the clock to provide security and maintenance at every moment. There are numerous security points, about four of which have to be approved and the passport one by one. The whole street was so thrilling and great.

Every hill, every bend, every check-post, and every bridge is a different thrill! And all the way along the dynamic, muddy water flow was endless. In this way, we reached the village of Turtuk, the special blessing of Bidhata, after crossing the 80 km terribly winding, narrow, risky road for about 3 hours.
The road from Nubravalli to Turtuk and the thrilling three-hour journey on that road seemed to me much more thrilling than the Manali-Leh Highway, packed with excitement, and full of enjoyment. The best thrill ride for me so far is the 80 km road from Nubravalli to Turtuk.



The environment is our invaluable resource, we do not destroy it by making it dirty.


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