Padma Bill, Terkhada, Khulna.

Those of you who plan to go somewhere near Khulna, Gopalganj, Bagerhat can put this lotus-bill on your list of favorites.

* How to go ঃ-


1. Take an auto/rickshaw from Khulna, cross the Jail Ghat river, and see if there are buses / Laguna/motorcycles. Terkhada will go to anyone from there. If you walk 1 minute north from Terkhada Bazaar, you will see a bridge, you can cross the bridge and get a van. Tell the van driver who will take the boat to Padmabil wherever I go (Mandur’s space / Adalatpur). (5 TK per person). If you go there, you will get a boat and rent a boat (since there are no engines in the boats, the boatman will keep in mind that he drives alone with a bash). Tell the middleman to take the lotus flower to the place where it is more.



2. You will go to Terkhada from Gopalganj. Apart from the rest mentioned above, you do not need to go to Terkhada market. You can go down 1 km before Terkhada Bazar.

If you go there you will see the signboard there is local
The chairman has a mobile number. Can keep close.


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