Pakyeong Yakten the way to go and the costs.

If you want to get away from the suffocating crowds, hustle and bustle and enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas in a secluded, serene environment, then come to this place. Take the road from Siliguri to Gangtok and turn right at Ranipul (only 12 km from here to Gangtok). You will reach Saramsa Udyan a little further. A huge garden decorated with different species of trees, orchid flowers, is worth seeing. After visiting Saramsa Udyan, you will reach Pakiyong, the only airport in Sikkim (the newly built airport in Pakiyong will start operating this year, then the importance of Pakiyong will increase manifold). Distance from Ranipul is 18 km and distance from NJP is 120 km.





Kanchenjunga will play hide and seek with you in Jhandidara

Located at an altitude of 4500 feet, Pakyeong is a place of immense peace. Breathe deeply. Overnight at Homestay. You have to take at least two days off to see it properly. The village of Yakten is only three kilometers away. There are also several homestays here. Take a walk (two and a half kilometers) uphill from Yaktan and walk uphill. At the end of a 40-45 minute comfortable walk (through the dense jungle) from Jhandidara (800 feet high) you will be delighted to reach Jhandidara. Standing in a small rocky position at the top of the hill, a 360 degree wide view is open to the eye. There are breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga, Kabaru, Rathong, Kumbhakarna and other Tuarsangrjas, as well as eye-catching pictures of Nathula Snow Peak, Rochela Top (which can be crossed to Bhutan), Temiti Garden, Kalimpong Hills etc. The mind will not want to leave. An extraordinary scene is unfolded here at sunrise.

Also visit the village of Bojeta, just six kilometers from Yekten. The ‘Oasis of Peace Park’ or (Shantiban Udyan) shaded by pine and poplar trees will really give peace of mind. Next to it there are many ancient caves and a nice view point. The view of the snow-capped peaks from here is breathtaking, as are the miniature pictures of the entire city of Gangtok and the Roomtech Cave, which is covered in hills on the opposite side.

Enthusiastic tourists can visit the Serendipity Museum near Pakyeong Bazaar. A 200-year-old wooden house carefully preserves ancient coins, rare letters and pictures, weapons, lanterns, statues, cameras, stamps, etc. Most of these are things from the period of the Sikkim kings.







Love the hills


You can rent a car directly from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station to Pakyong, 120 km away. If you reserve the whole car, the rent will be 3000-3500 TK. If you want to reduce the distance a little, you can leave the main road from Rangpo to Gangtok and take the right-hand road and reach Pakiyong via Rorathang, but in this case Saramsa Udyan will not fall that way. If you want to come at a lower cost, you can reach Gangtok by bus (fare 90 TK) or share jeep to Ranipul (fare 200-250 TK) and from there you can reach Pakyong by share car (rent 60 rupees). You can also come from Gangtok to Pakyeong, 26 km away.





There are several homestays in Yakten to stay. However, if you want to stay in a good quality, comfortable place, you can spend the night at the ‘Alpine Retreat’ in Pakyeong. Rent 800-1000 TK (per capita, including food and accommodation). Homestays charge per capita for food and lodging. Contact for travel and accommodation:

Prahlad Pradhan (Pakyeong): 8348-13645, 81171-06071


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