Panam Nagar, Sonargaon.

Panam Nagar is a traditional ancient city located in Sonargaon of Narayanganj district. Big City, Khas Nagar, Panam Nagar – Panama was the most interesting of these three cities of ancient Sonargaon. There are many buildings here which are several centuries old, which are related to the history of the Bar Bhuiyans of Bengal. The city is spread over an area of ​​20 sq km in Sonargaon. Panama City is one of the 100 most ruined historical cities in the world.



In the 15th century, Isa Khan established the first capital of Bengal at Sonagaon. Meghna in the east and Shitalakshya river in the west used to bring British thankapar from Britain and muslin from the country. Sailing boats used to flock to Shitalakshya and Meghna ghats every day. It was around this time that the commercial activities of the East India Company and the permanent settlement led to the development of a new colonial architectural style inspired by Europe.



During the Indo-Pakistani communal riots of 1965, this settlement of traders was naturally the target of looters. At that time the robbers looted the doors and windows. During the war, many traders migrated to India and Panam became almost depopulated. From that beginning, the city of Panam did not wake up.


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