Panihata is one of the tourist spots of Nalitabari in Sherpur district. Anyone can take a break from the hustle and bustle of life in the city and come to the Panihata hills in the natural beauty of Ramchandrakura union in Nalitabari upazila of Sherpur. Tourists are overwhelmed by the lush green forests bordering the Tura district of the Indian state of Meghalaya in the north, the Mitali and the trees along the fast flowing Vhogai river. They forget the boredom of city life for a while. Lost in the perfect love of nature, they are in the realm of dreams.











Beauty of Panihata-Tarani:
As Panihata-Tarani is bordered by India, the evergreen Bengal mother is a sight to behold and the green forest of India satisfies the minds of many visitors. Standing on a high hill on the west side of the Panihata Padri Mission, looking north, you can see the bluish-evergreen mountainous Tura district of India wrapped in a blanket of haze. The distant hills only play hide and seek. Bypassing the small hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya, the Tura basin flows straight ahead to the west and flows into the hilly Kharsrota river. On one side is its kashaban and on the other side are hundreds of feet high green hills and rivers. The pebbles are rolling under the crystal clear water of the river. One hundred yards ahead, in the northern part of India, the winding winding road has gone from east to west in the hills. And sometimes the freight trucks are running with gusto.
Rows and rows of small hills all around. A small mountain spring has joined the Vhogai river near a few hills on the east side. Next to it is Panihata Padri Mission, a place of worship for Christians. There is a small medical center, a school and a hostel for small students. The noise of children and teenagers there. Together, these beautiful Panihata-Tarani hills constantly attract nature lovers. However, the people of the area know this hill as Panihata. But only Panihatai could not share this beauty. Part of it is divided by the hills of the neighboring village of Tarani. Therefore, Panihata-Tarani can be developed as a tourist center for the visitors.
Surrounded by green sheets, Garo takes his loved ones to the mountains and goes to the kingdom of nature. Those who have heard of the wild elephant poaching in Nalitabari will be able to hear about the destruction of wild elephants from the Garo tribal villagers on the east side of the mission. The head of the Garo family under the martial system is the women. Their simple life seems to surprise travel enthusiasts. You will also get a chance to see their life struggles up close in this village. Travel enthusiasts are fascinated by the way of life and unparalleled hospitality of these Garo tribes, who have survived poverty and wild elephants. In the present age of artificiality, seeing the green forest created by nature, forgetting the fatigue of work, the travelers go back to their homes in the light of day with indescribable joy.









According to Reverend Father Philip Biswas of the Panihata Pastoral Mission, the Panihata-Tarani hills area, which has immense potential for tourism, is full of natural beauty. Every year domestic and foreign tourists flock here to get close to nature. If the government builds a tourist center here, the government will get a huge amount of revenue. However, he added that at present it is about 1.20 km to go to Panihata-Tarani from China Junction. Roads become impassable during monsoons. Therefore, this road needs to be paved on an urgent basis.

How to go:
About 30 km from the district town. Take the road directly north with your own transport or CSG to the Nakugao land port area. About 2-3 km to the east over the Vhogai river bridge. After leaving, traverse the dense green hills and enter the Panihata-Tarani hills to the north. Enjoy the breathtaking views of nature without tickets. If you want to come from Nalitabari Upazila town, then this place is located in Ramchandrakura Union, about 19 km away by road. From the Garkanda crossroads of the city, straight north, first to Nakugaon, then to the east, cross the beautiful Bhogai Bridge. Then go straight east for about two and a half to three kilometers. At this juncture, you will have to change course again to the straight north. About one kilometer along this road is the green hilly area of ​​Panihata-Tarani. As soon as you enter from there, you will see the green ceremony. Private rickshaws, CNG autorickshaws or rented motorbikes can also be taken from the district town and Nalitabari town to your destination in just 35-45 minutes and at low cost. Motorcycles from the district town will cost around 400 rupees.
Where will you stay?
Whatever the reason for picnic or sightseeing, you have to spend the night at the district or upazila headquarters hotel at the end of the day. Moreover there is no good quality food hotel here. So we have to arrange food in our own management.
If the government takes the necessary steps including goodwill, necessary infrastructure, improvement of communication system, this place can be an attractive tourist center as well as the government’s treasury can be enriched through revenue, said the concerned. However, the communication system used to be fragile but now it has improved a lot. At the same time, it is possible to build a tourist center here in collaboration with the government or the government.


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