Panthumai spring.

How to get there: Dhaka / Chittagong> Sylhet> Bichanakandi> Panthumai Jharna.
From Sylhet to Laguna / cng reserve Hadarpar Bazar, from there rent a boat on the way to Bichanakandi. When renting a boat, you have to tell the middleman.
The Panthumai waterfall is located entirely in India. Its true form cannot be seen unless it is raining heavily.
Going to Panthumai point, you can only see (take pictures) from Bangladesh, BSF stands below (with rifle in hand).
How to get there: By bus / train / plane from Dhaka / Chittagong to Sylhet> CNG / Laguna (local / reserve) from Amberkhana / Shishu Park point in Sylhet city to get off at Hadarpar market.
* From Hadarpar you can take a reserve boat to Bichnakandi, Panthumai, Lakshanchhara together. Boat rent will be 1500-2000 TK. One boat can carry 10-12 people.
* If you want to go to Panthumai and Lakshanchhara only from Hadarpar, you can rent a boat for 1000-1200 TK.
* If you want to go to Bichnakandi only from Hadarpar, you can rent a boat for 600-700 TK.
During Eid, they (5 people) rented a boat for 1800 rupees> Bichnakandi and Panthumai (3500 TK for rent> Bichnakandi, Panthumai, Lakshanchhara, later we agreed to Bichnakandi and Panthumai).
Note: Because we don’t know, CNG drivers take us to the market (local 150 TK from Amberkhana point). There comes the secret link of the CNG drivers with the people (brokers) of the boat wharf, which we understand on the way back. On the way back from Hadarpar we are coming to Sylhet by paying 90 TK.
* I hope you will avoid brokers and maintain the balance of the environment



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