Pantumai is the most beautiful village in Bangladesh.

Pantumai is the most beautiful village in Bangladesh. Pantumai is a village in the West Jaflong Union of Sylhet District in the foothills of the Meghalaya Hills on the Indian border. The local name of Pantumai village is “Panthumai” but the correct pronunciation is “Pantumai”. There is enough reason to say that this is the most beautiful village in Bangladesh.




Eye-catching, wonderful, extraordinary, aesthetic, heart-touching, even if all these words are attached to this name, the analysis of “Pantumai” beauty will not end. Of course, many people are unaware that there is such a wonderful, natural village in Bangladesh! Although there are titles of beauty of different regions, cities and towns of the country and abroad, there is no title of this small but impeccably beautiful village of Bangladesh.




A beautiful waterfall has come down in the heart of Bangladesh through the deep forest of Meghalaya, our neighboring India. Whose cool voice will take you to the drink of nature by dancing the mind. The local name of the spring is Fatachhari Jharna, some people call it Barahil Jharna.






Although the waterfall falls in the neighboring country of India, one can enjoy the unique beauty of the waterfall by standing on the banks of the river Piain. Next to it is the BSF camp, and the border between the two countries is divided by rows of plum trees. Of course, there is no BGB check post here, so it is better not to think about going near the border. You can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the waterfall without going near the border.

At the end of the village, the water of the unnamed fountain is running like a deer through the mountain caves in a merry manner. The sweetness of her own form has fallen and matched.

However, be careful not to go near the fountain. Long ago, one could go to the fountain and take a bath in the water of the fountain, but at that time there was no BSF camp. However, the travel thirsty will be able to observe its unique natural beauty while maintaining a safe distance.

Take CNG from Amberkhana Point in Sylhet to the market adjacent to Gowainghat Thana. The rent will be 300 to 500 TK. From there, another CNG fare to Panthumai or Pantumai in West Jaflong Union costs only 150 to 200 TK. Since there is no food hotel or accommodation in Pantumai, dry food must be kept with you. If you want to stay the night, it is better to stay with the help of the locals. However, in this case, you may have to spend 200-300 TK.


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