Patenga Beach is back in a new look.

Patenga Beach is a beach in the city of Chittagong which is located at the mouth of the river Karnafuli. A 5 km area of ​​this beach is being developed as a modern and world class tourist center. Seating area, walkway and green garden have been created in the gaps. You can visit Patenga beach day by day. The port city is located about 14 km south of Chittagong. Patenga is a popular tourist destination in Chittagong.
For those who are away from Cox’s Bazar, they can come to Patenga Sea Beach.





How to get there: Get off at Dampara by bus from Dhaka (fare – TK. 480 non-AC) or by train (Turna Nishita at 11 pm, fare TK. 345), there are many more trains.
There are many hotels outside Dampara and Chittagong stations. You can have your favorite breakfast at any one of your choice. After breakfast go straight to Patenga with CNG. CNG fare is 250-300 TK.





Onion with red crab is a very tasty dish in C’Beach.

This sea plays the biggest role in maintaining the balance of our environment and the supply of marine fish. Do not endanger the environment and fish life by throwing polythene, cans, food packets in the seawater, and beach.


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