Patharia hill-Mahamaya hill trek.

Seeing this enchanted hill of Patharia hill, we see a wonderful beauty. The enchanting holy beautiful.

We set off from Baralekha in Moulvibazar district of Sylhet on a motorbike. Companions Zulfiqar Tajul, Ashfaq Anik, Kamran and me. The motorcycle is moving forward on the way back. After reaching the south, we took the left path. After reaching Kalajura, the two roads meet. One went east and the other to the right. We go right. Akabaka smooth road. A little further from Kalajura School, there is a grand gathering of greens on both sides. Seeing agarwood trees lined up, one can easily come to life. This is a paradise for cyclists and motor bikers.






Our bike-yatra but does not stop. I am moving and I am surprised to see the joyous combination of green tree leaves.
We like big. On the way I found a good place. To the east is the Patharia hill, and to the right of the hill is the beautiful Tilabari, the house is covered with lush green trees. Our minds become better. I spend some time taking pictures with a smile. Zulfiqar Tajul took Amsat out of his pocket.
Wow, great beauty, Subhanallah, comes out of the mouths of friends when they see this heavenly abode of nature.

This time Jamkandi slum market. After that Durgapur Bazar. Road one goes east and the other goes straight south. If you take the east road, you will find Petrobangla gas field. We move south. A little further on is a beautiful house. This is Kutu Balai Mia’s house. Leaving the house and walking towards the front, we took a little rest again. This place is as beautiful as Aru Valley in Kashmir. You come from Tahirpur in Sunamganj or Patnitla in Naogaon, Jigatla in Dhaka or Satkania in Chittagong. But keep in mind that your tour will pay off if you see this far. And if you are a photographer, know that you will get some pictures that will surprise the people.



Have a good conversation with some local friends. They heard many stories of the mountains. One of them is a Dubai expatriate. Kutu is the son of Mr. Balai. He forced Mehman Nawazi to caress a little flour. Talking about lack of time, saying thank you, I took the shake hand. The people of this region are big hearted. Soft-spoken pleasures. The person I talked to invited him to his house. And each house is full of different seasonal fruit trees. You will find jackfruit and banana all at home. Now just looking east. Because the Patharia hills are strewn with green sarees, it is a responsibility to turn a blind eye. After that I got to see it like this – Mahamaya Tila. Its beauty changes all calculations.
We get off the bike. Places like open terraces. I crossed a small hill flowing rhyme. Its name is dry rhyme. After that wow wow sound just run and run. On the camel above the hill, I see a beautiful rooster. Ah how do I describe that.

The locals call Tila Garcha Tila. Iranian carpet of green gas across the hill. Teak garden first, then deep forest. Only green color-green is beautiful. In the west, paddy land in the north, then scattered in the distance. To the south is the Shilua Tea Garden, also densely green. Blue sky above. We sit in awe of the boundless fascination. I lie down on the green grass and eat. After that, I happily raised my hands and feet and jumped into the sky. After spending a long time in the Patharia hills – Mahamaya Tila, I set off for Kachurgul.







Lots of oranges are planted here. Then there is Lathi Tila, where you can see wild roosters, king cobras and many more wildlife. It is evening, and it is raining. We come to the pair in the rain bath. Here is Subhash Babu’s sweet shop. After eating Rasgolla Bundia hot parata, I went to Kamini Ganj Bazaar to have the famous tea from Siraj’s shop. After that, return to Baralekha.

## How to go:
Sylhet Dhaka Chittagong Come to Baralekha from anywhere. Shyamoli and Anna will get bus from Dhaka. The rent is five hundred rupees. You will also get train by Upban, Jayantika, Parabat. Come to Baralekha, reserve CNG and go straight to Nasirabad Bazar, if you tell anyone, they will show you the road of dry rhyme.


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