Patrail Mosque (Bhanga, Faridpur).

The Patrail Mosque is one of the few surviving monuments of the Sultanate period. This mosque has survived for about 800 years as a witness to the Sultanate period. It is better known to the locals as Ghaibi Mosque. At that time Aulia Abdul Khan built two lakes next to this mosque to alleviate the water cost of the people. This mosque can also be called one of the antiquities of Faridpur. The mosque has terracotta of flower vines. The mosque is much larger in size than other sultanate mosques. It is believed that it was built by Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah between 1393 and 1410 AD. The shrine of the great Sufi saint Aulia Abdul Khan is located in the courtyard of this mosque. Apart from this, the shrines of two other Sufi saints are in the precincts of this mosque. Mastan saint Nazimuddin Dewan is sitting in the courtyard of the mosque. Besides, on the south side of the mosque is the shrine of Fakir Chhalimaddin Dewan.






How to get there: From Faridpur to Faridpur-Barisal Highway, get off at Bhanga Gelchattar, get off at Bhanga-Mawa Biswaroad, 6 km east of Pulia, 4 km south of Patrail Mosque. It is better to hire any transport there for round trip. Because it is a little difficult to get transport to return from Patrail Mosque.


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