Pattaya-Coral Island Tour.

I woke up around 8 in the morning, today is my third day in Thailand, I am in Pattaya at the moment. Last night’s walking street and the city lights flashing in the leaves are now swirling in the head. Meanwhile, the room bell rang, I was a little surprised who would knock me so early in the morning? As soon as the door was opened, the beautiful receptionist Thai lady of the hotel went for a complimentary breakfast. I was surprised to go to the hotel restaurant to break the paradox! Buffet arranged with 18 to 20 types of breakfast items. But Riji had only 3 to 4 items. The rest I could not eat. Complimentary breakfast is not free at all, I made an extra deposit of Rs. 500 with hotel rent for this buffet breakfast. And it is better to say yes, the accounts I give are direct money accounts. Because you have to convert every time you want to give an account in Thai currency, so I am referring directly to the account of money.





After breakfast I went to the beach in the morning, what a wonderful – silent – frozen – the sound of the waves through the silence !! I spend a lot of time on the beach. By then the people on the beach had started to move and the sun had risen. When I got back to the hotel, I was lightly refreshed and I went out on a scooter to pay a farewell visit to Pattaya City !! Because before noon I will leave for the tourist attraction Coral Island. I thought I would stay overnight on Coral Island so I wouldn’t have to stay in Pattaya anymore. So I’m taking a look for the last time. There are many things to see in Pattaya that you can search on Google. I rode my bike back to the hotel and packed my bags and checked out of the hotel.



Leaving the hotel and heading for the ferry to Coral Island. To get to the ferry, you have to cross Walking Street. While walking along the sidewalk, beautiful girls call it a massage. Trying to attract in different ways with hand gestures, eye gestures. The matter seems exciting at first though !! But after a while, it turns into annoyance !! I was feeling very uncomfortable between them so I rented a bike for 120 rupees and went to the ferry terminal!



It took me only 6 minutes to get to the ferry terminal by bike from the hotel where I was staying. Renting bikes and renting scooters is a tricky blessing for a lone traveler like me. I got off the bike and saw the famous Pattaya writing! Which you have seen in different pictures or movies. PATTAYA City written in huge letters on the Hollywood style hill !! From there the hotel area where I was staying looked very pretty.



It was eleven o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun was shining brightly in Pattaya City. As soon as they stepped towards the ferry, a lot of travel agents surrounded them, speed board owners, drivers, agents started requesting them to go in their speedboats. Began to show different types of pictures, began to request for hotel bookings on Coral Island. But I didn’t care about anything and walked towards the ferry. Because the ferry is ideal for going to Coral Island.



For those who plan to return by day, it is best to go by speedboat. Because it only takes about 10 minutes. Which takes an hour and a half to go to the ferry. I didn’t have much thought about my time so I preferred the ferry.

I bought a ticket for 90 rupees and got on the ferry and sat at the back. A better view of the sea from the rear. A few Nepali gentlemen and ladies are sitting next to me. Talks were held with them. They took selfies with me, they took my single pictures by themselves. Another reason I like them is that one of their friends, who studied at Dhaka Medical College, is currently in a very good position in Nepal. So they see Dhaka differently. So they looked at me differently !! Ha haha! They kept asking how I got there alone !! Because to my knowledge, there was no lone traveler on that ferry, everyone had at least two or more shares.



An old woman came to sell ice cream. Different types of red-blue-yellow ice cream! For 60 rupees I bought a blue ice cream, by which time our ferry had set sail for Coral Island. Blue sky, blue sea, blue horizon, blue ice cream !! The thing looked pretty weird. Honestly, every moment was full of excitement for me! Because every minute I was discovering myself in a new way.



Swinging in the blue sea, our ferry reached Coral Island. A sixty-year-old gentleman stumbled into the water and was picked up again by two policemen. Then the police took everyone else by the hand and very carefully took them off the ferry. I don’t know if they were actually police but they were wearing police uniforms.



I squinted and looked around, but by then I was pretty hungry. Before finding a new place to find a restaurant or food, I found an old fruit seller at the dock. I ate watermelon, pineapple, and semi-ripe mango for 300 rupees. The hunger was pretty much quenched and I went live on Facebook and started walking towards the main point of the island. The blue sea and the green mountains looked so beautiful that it was difficult to express in words. Bidhata seems to have decorated it with his own hands. Observing the untouched beauty of nature, I was instantly energized. There was a request to search the beauty of Coral Island on Google. A.

If there is an opportunity, of course, the application to see with your own eyes.



Strangely beautiful environment. The lonely random wind, the clear blue water, beckons the tourists. Due to its uniqueness, Coral Land Island is visited by millions of tourists every year. In this island full of biodiversity, nature seems to be sitting in the open. As soon as you land on Coral Land Island, tourists are overwhelmed by its natural beauty. Many started running as soon as they got down. Big waves are crashing here. This is a wonderful sight. The blue sky, the blue water, and the dark green trees have made the island beautiful. The random wind blends in with the roar of the sea, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Lots of tourists have come here. Children, young men, and women, young men and women are all playing in the waves of the sea. No one can go beyond certain places in the sea. Many young people are traveling in speed boats.



From the front of the island’s administrative office, I asked a biker about my hotel. He misunderstood me and drove me across the mountain alley to a beach. Going down there I realized he had taken me to the wrong place. But I was not too upset. Because it was pretty good. I ate coconuts on that beach for a while and ate cumin. From there I drove to my hotel with an old biker. The hotel I stayed at on Coral Island was right next to the sea. Pattaya City can be seen vaguely from the hotel room. Just like a fairy tale.



The room I booked at the hotel was priced at Rs 3,000 per night, along with a Honda Activa 125cc scooter with a full tank. The hotel room was good enough. The hotel had almost everything needed. What I like most about the hotel is the honeymoon suite. The rent is 9 to 10 thousand rupees per night. But there you will find an environment to remember for a lifetime. The whole room is completely over the sea. Only the sea can be seen through 3 side windows !!. Wondering what it would be like to spend a night there with your family?

There is 7/11 Seven-Eleven Shop next to the hotel. Which is a plus point? Because 7/11 Seven-Eleven is very useful for tourists. Almost all kinds of items are available here at affordable prices.

I started looking for food for lunch but the people there didn’t understand English. So I didn’t get very good results by asking anyone anything. So I took the help of Google, I opened Google Translator and I said in English that they listen in Thai! They say in Thai I hear or see in English !! But the matter is quite interesting. However, a lot of work can be continued with hand gestures!

Imagine if you were sent to a place where no one understands your language and you do not understand anyone’s language. You will not have a mobile phone! What could be the situation in that case ??

But I left my mobile inside the room and went out several times to see this situation !! What I felt was so much fun !! I mean I never said anything to anyone !! I only spoke in gestures. Like I’m dumb !! You can also try this experiment. Have fun!

There are some very good restaurants on Coral Island, but they freeze at night. Not many restaurants are open at noon. So I went to a restaurant and downloaded a picture of Fried Rice with Chicken from our country from Google !! Asked if they could make it to me?

They looked at the pictures and confidently said they could. And the food they served me over a period of time didn’t taste good. Very good fried rice with chicken. After that, I have used these tips in different places. Because if they show pictures of food, they can make food very easily.



At different stages of my travels, I was asked in different places what country are you from? When I spoke in Bangladesh or Bengali, many did not recognize me. So I left a screenshot identifying Bangladesh on Google Maps and those who asked me which country I came from could easily understand if I showed them that picture. However, looking at the physical constitution and skin color, at first everyone assumes that I am Indian !!!




After finishing my meal, I came to the room and rested for a while, then I went out with the scooter for the purpose of touring the whole island. I finished visiting the whole island in about an hour and a half. And I took a basic idea about the whole island. Then I came to the hotel, changed my clothes and went out again to take a bath on the beach. Bare feet, shorts, short vests looked extremely happy to drive the scooter. Those who know the fun of riding a scooter on a mountain road will understand what happened to mine feel.



As the afternoon wore on and the evening wore on, I drove back to my hotel on a scooter and went for a walk for evening street food. The shopkeeper girls were sitting in various food stalls. I tried as much as I could. Which one bite, which two bites, which is whole, which I left with the scent.

A small island, but a number of religious shrines. There is a huge Buddha statue from the viewpoint of Coral Island. From the Buddha statue, the whole island can be seen through the eyes of a bird.

After it got dark I went and sat down at the hotel restaurant



At Sea View Point. From there one could see the whole island, the lights flashing, the breeze blowing, a big cup of coffee, and the sky full of stars. Ah !! If I could go again!



As the night age grew older I went to the room and got ready to sleep. Surprisingly, on Coral Island, I got a top speed of 40 megabytes per second. I can’t say when I fell asleep while chatting on Facebook with this great internet !!


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