Philippine Travel Expenses and Costs.

I try to go around whenever I get the chance. Accordingly, I found out last July that there is an opportunity to travel somewhere outside the country for a couple of weeks at the end of August.
From that time I started collecting necessary information and data. It can be said here that I have made a comparative table long ago. There is a list of estimated costs to travel to 7/8 countries where you want to go in the future. For example: – How much is the airfare in that country, how much is the cost of the visa, how many days does it take to get the visa, how much is the part to see in that country and what etc. In this way, I can make a decision by comparing the type of verification-selection between the targeted countries.


Anyway, since the Philippines was on my list and I went to look for Airfare and saw that Singapore Airlines was running a discount, I bought a ticket on July 24th.



Here are two notable aspects–
1. The best time to visit the country was not listed in that table.
2. As a rule of thumb for airlines, I can get discounts on certain dates!
In this case, I had 15 days off but I got 9 days to tour the Philippines due to matching the offer date.
I started the hardest part after cutting the ticket. The only thought in my head all the time, what part of a country so big and beautiful will I see and what will I omit !? Someone might call my plan wrong, but for those of you like me who have the strength to find the joy of living in every moment, this would seem appropriate.
Why I am saying this may not be clear to everyone yet. So I would like to inform you that I did not stay anywhere more than one night in the whole travel plan. That’s probably why the cost has gone up and the travel has gone up. The main reason behind this is that this was my first trip to the Philippines. So I wanted to see the country as much as possible at a glance. As a result, if you want to go next time, it will be useful to understand how long I will go somewhere.
Another thing to keep in mind is that I booked the hotel at night and confirmed the bookings. That means I have tried to stay around whatever I want to see.
Here is a brief description of my daily routine:

Day 1:
As soon as I set foot in Davao City, Philippines, I did two things as usual- 1) I exchanged dollars, 2) I bought a mobile SIM. Then I called a taxi with Grab Apps and reached the hotel. I liked the neat rental rules of that dorm. There is also the opportunity to stay at a lower cost for 5 hours, that is, only for the night. Again, if you have 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours, the cost will increase according to the time. Although I had booked from Agoda, I did not know about this one night stay at a low cost.
In the evening I went down to the city to see the night market first the famous Abreeza Mall and then Roxas Avenue Night Market, where the whole food market. I slept back in the room with the experience of a huge variety of delicious food.



Day 2:
We started the day by visiting Lon Wa Temple, a short walk from the hotel. Then I went to People’s Park in Jeep, that is, in our country’s tempo or Jeep national car.
From there I went to Ramon Magsaysay Park in Japan again. I never imagined that a country could be so well organized to introduce its indigenous way of life to the world. The endangered indigenous people of the Philippines are also building houses in their own style and exhibiting food, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, etc.! The most amazing was the corn coffee served by one group! I tasted one of the most amazing coffees of my life here!
From there, after seeing some more markets and beaches, I went back to my room with my bag and left for the airport in the afternoon. The destination is Manila.
Arriving in Manila, I took the night bus to Banaue Rice Terraces, Mountain Province, Ifugao- San Fernando.



3rd day:
After traveling by bus for about 10 hours at night, I was fascinated by the morning light and saw myself lost in the folds of the mountains on the raft of clouds. I have only seen pictures of this region before, but in reality, I could not guess. I spent the whole day at Banaue Rice Terraces seeing how they did the farming crafts on the hill.
It was raining heavily that day, nothing was eaten at noon. I said I would eat at 7th Heaven’s Cafe in the afternoon. It seemed as if they had given the exact name of this hotel floating in the clouds. The rest of the time I sat here and then took the evening bus to Manila.



4th day:
Arriving in Manila in the morning, we boarded the bus again to head to San Pablo City. I have many small desires in life, some can be fulfilled.
The resort, built around a 2,000-acre 180-acre palace, is surrounded by 1 km of coconut groves. Before eating at the restaurant I saw a small museum of the Escuderos family. I was shocked just to see them save! What do they not have from history before the Second World War to the present? They have preserved coins, clothes, furniture, weapons, and even the bodies of every animal in that palace. Butterflies or moths were not left out!

After eating, riding a bamboo boat, turning around and returning to Manila, the real thrill started. After fighting with the traffic jam on the road, I came to the ferry terminal to go to Coron Island. Ferry tickets were cut online. But due to the typhoon, they canceled all the ferries



Did that day.


I don’t want to stay in Manila at night. I had to book a room for the next day, but I will miss everything I go there to see.
I went to the airport seeing that the situation was strange. Coron flights from Manila cost a lot. So I decided to buy a low-cost morning ticket, but not from Manila, but from the city of Clark. It takes about three hours by bus from Manila. It was good for me, the night had to pass. I chose this route because I saw that there was an airport shuttle bus to Clark.
Arriving at Clark Airport in the middle of the night, I flew in the morning on my way to the dream Coron Island.

Day 5:
The turn of losing head began. I can’t say anything in the language. For those who have no idea, they can look up the name of the place Coron with Google search.
I was so upset that I didn’t even take the right picture. The heart has become so cold that it is like a human being after falling in love …
Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pecados, beach 91, Smith Beach, Coral Garden, Skeleton Wreck are all included in the package. They also have seafood lunches in their packages and go on boats to cook all the dishes including fresh seafood.
The fun here was that for the winter I was visiting some very nice places with some unknown people from different countries. Our excitement increases with the waves and fear if the wind blows in pairs. Survivors of these strangers reunited for a while. After a great day’s travel, I got a good night’s sleep.

6th day:
I had a little time in my hand but I was reluctant to think of anything to see. There are 11-hour air tickets to El Nido. Then in the morning, I left the hotel at Lualhati Park and from there to Mt. Tapyas.
Those who have the experience of seeing the island from the top of the hill will probably understand the beauty of it. It is not possible to explain it in any picture or writing language. However, there are some pictures and descriptions on my wall at this link: If you want, you can take a look at…
To see more beauty, I flew to El Nido. After going to the airport, I found out that this small vehicle of Air Swift closed the door an hour ago. I have never seen this system of domestic flight before.
Anyway, I went to the ferry again. I bought a ship ticket for El Nido. Four hours of water way. In fact, the journey of a ferry was missed, so I was a little sorry that I did not have the experience of a ferry in this country. So maybe special arrangements have come from above.
It was more fun when I came to the ferry terminal and sat waiting for the ferry, at which time I saw four of my traveling companions going on this ferry yesterday. I was very happy to see everyone again. Someone informed me that a person was going to El Nido on the flight I missed. After ten minutes I saw that passenger also came to the dock and stood. This time our laughter does not stop. It was a big coincidence that both of them missed the plane, but it seemed like we had planned everything.
After getting off the ferry at the wharf in the afternoon, I went to Google to find the way to my hotel and my mind became much better! Five-minute walk. There are big hills behind the hotel and the sea in front. I was sitting on the cradle in the verandah of the hotel thinking that I would go anywhere else.
Even then I went outside, there is a free shuttle bus to visit the nearby island of Lio Beach. Anyone can go there to eat or party with live music at night. I went too, surprised. Turning around a bit, I planned the next day’s tour and came back to the room.




Day 7:
Sitting on the verandah in the morning and watching the cloudy sky, the tour agent said on the phone that permission to visit all the islands had been revoked due to the storm. I was a little upset that all the plans for the day were ruined but I am always ready to adapt to reality and not have much time to think about how to use that time.
I immediately went out and rented a bike for the whole day and took the zipline to go from hill to hill. From there I went to visit Nacpan Beach, Duli Beach, Las Cabanas Beach, Corong Corong Beach as much as I could in one day.
Then somehow I ran to catch the night bus to Puerto Princesa.



Day 7:
At the end of the 5/6 hour journey, I got off the bus in the morning calling crows. I started touring the city sitting in the jeepney. Sometimes I landed in the place of my choice. I have an air ticket to my final destination at noon, so I didn’t go very far.
By the way, I would also like to say that one of the mistakes I made in my life was to buy an Air Asia ticket for this trip. I have visited India and Malaysia before and seen how their flight time changes like public buses. But why did that experience disappear from my head while cutting the air ticket? It is certain that I will never go on this flight again in this life after this extreme suffering.
They finished the journey at 2 pm. I was booked for the night at the resort of Bohol Island. The last ferry from Cebu to Bohol Island leaves at 7:30 pm but the plane lands at Cebu at 8:10 pm. I stayed in Cebu at night.



Day 9:
I woke up in the morning and caught the ferry from Cebu to Bohol. Since I am not going the night before, I am going the next morning, so I tried to skip some destinations and see something. The last time I went to Alona Beach on Panglao Island to lose my head in the color of water


Then to Balicasag Island, Bantayan Island, and Virgin Island.
I was so fascinated and couldn’t take any pictures thinking that I would have to go back to a very long time! And I told myself, if you take a picture this time, you may never come here again. So I have to come here again to take pictures …
I couldn’t go back to see much to see, yet I returned with peace of mind on my last day’s journey.

Day of return:
At the beginning of the day, I bought a few gifts in a few hours and came back to the room. The airport is five minutes away so I checked out an hour ago and arrived. According to some, I came back to my own country with Talpitalpa.
Let me give you an idea of ​​the cost, which most people know about –
Let me give you an idea of ​​the cost, which is of interest to most people. However, some costs are estimated here, because the Philippine currency is shown as money –



The main cost of travel:
Dhaka Philippines (Singapore Airlines) Travel: 32,848 / –
Davao – Manila (Air Asia) 3650 / –
Manila – Banaue Travel (Local Bus) 1600 / –
Manila – San Pablo City round trip (local bus) 1000 / –
Manila – Clark (Airport Shuttle Bus) 1000 / –
Clark – Coron (Philippine Airlines) 3500 / –
Coron – El Nido (Ferry) 2200 / –
El Nido – Puerto Princesa (Local Bus) 900 / –
Palawan – Cebu (Air Asia) 2550 / –
Cebu – Bohol Island Ferry 2500 / –
15 / – per bar (approximately) to go anywhere in the jeepney i.e. total cost is around 500 / –
Other costs:
Villa Escudero All Day Tour Package 2600 / –
All-day tour package at Coron 2700 / –
Bikes for all day in El Nido 1300 / –
Boating for Bohol Island Rent 2500 / –
Accompanying travel cost 3000 / –
Eating: On an average 400 / – per day i.e. about 3,500 / –
Hotel cost
Davao City (Napsule Suites) 650 / –
Coron (Happiness Hostel) 600 / –…/…/palawan-ph.html
El Nido (Happiness Hostel) 1240 / –
Cebu (Jiji’s Hostel) 1820 / –
Total: About TK. 73,000 / –

It is not uncommon for some people to spend a lot of money on travel. I did not give the calculation here. However, as I said at the beginning, there is no mention of the best time to visit any country in my table, so the bunch has been relatively high. Which could have been less if he had gone to that country at the right time. And if I had wanted, I could have returned to this country for 50 to 60 thousand rupees for these 9 days. But I did not get the peace I got from this madness.
Lastly, since I haven’t taken too many pictures, after my description, if anyone wants to go to this place, you can google the real picture before you go to see how beautiful these places really are.


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