Pirgachha rubber garden.

Pirgachha, Tangail



The innumerable rubber trees standing in innumerable sarees in huge size will undoubtedly fascinate you!

Seeing the sari sari rubber tree, you will think that a group of trees is standing in its glory. Always ready to defend your place.





If you have a camera in hand (or your mobile phone!) Will want to take a lot of pictures. This rubber garden is as beautiful as the picture. Repeatedly you will want to get lost in the impossibly quiet environment and countless trees.





A place to go day in and day out
Many buses go from Dhaka to Tangail. Rents start at 150.
From Tangail new bus stand, you can take a bus to Madhupur by paying 50/60 rupees. From there you will go to Pirgachha Rubber Garden by auto.







(We went this way. There are other ways to go. We go to this place as part of the Tangail tour. We didn’t stay long. If you go to Tangail from a distance, you will see other places in Tangail)

Warning: The place is very quiet and there are very few people in this area. People rarely come and go through the forest. Try to leave shortly before dusk.

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Since I can’t give more than one picture in each post, I only talked about rubber garden in this post



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