Plan of a short tour

Time duration from 12 noon to 10 pm. The cost is 400 to 500 TK per person. You will get on the Mawa bus from Gulistan in Dhaka at 12 noon. The rent is 60 TK per person. If there is no jam, mawa by 1.30 pm. Go to the ghat and eat a meal in any hotel With hilsa fish, fish eggs, mash. It will feel like nectar. It will be eaten in 200-250 TK.






After that, you will buy the ticket for the launch at Majhir Ghat. The rent is 35 TK per person. It will take 1.15 to 1.30 hours. Even if it is a little cold around noon, it would not be bad to sit on the deck of lunch in the soft sun of a winter afternoon. You can see the piling work of the Padma bridge from very close. You will get off at Majhir Ghat around 4 o’clock. You can have a cup of tea with cow’s milk. You can walk along the river bank. In the late afternoon, the river was on one side and various vegetables were on the other side. Never ate mustard. Don’t feel bad at all. You can buy fresh vegetables from the field at low prices. Last launch in Dhaka from Majhir Ghat in winter at 6 pm. Usually, there are very few passengers at this time. You can sit with your arms and legs spread on the deck. It’s like remembering this 1.30-hour journey. Shanshan silence. Darkness all around. The open sky over the head. Sometimes a little light from another launch or a dredger machine. All in all, it will be good. You will reach Mawa at around 6.30. You will get many buses from Ghat to Dhaka.
If you wish, you can make this tour more expensive or cheaper. From Mawa Ghat you can go to Majhir Ghat by speed boat. 150 per person. It takes 20 minutes. You can have lunch at lunch. The menu includes white rice, fried hilsa, fish oil, fried dried chilies, and pulses. If there is hunger in the stomach, it will feel like nectar. You can eat for 100 TK.





Warning: Launch from Mawa to Majhir Ghat and Kawrakandi. Be a light sure and get up at the launch of Majhir Ghat. Guess the condition of the river and get on the speed boat. Usually, it is better not to get up in the rainy season. Do not throw garbage in the river. Respect local people and culture.


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