Plan to visit Srimangal with a per capita budget of TK 2000.

Day 1: Dhaka – Srimangal – Lauyachhara Udyan – Bhanugach – Madhabpur
Lake – Srimangal Tree Museum (Srimangal.)
Day 2: Srimangal – Ghat Bazaar – Hail Haor – Baikka Bill – Mini
Zoo – Srimangal Railway Station – Kulaura.
Day 3: Kulaura- Kanthaltali- Madhabkund- Parikund- Madhabkund-
Baralekha – Dhaka.
Estimated cost:
A tour of 4-5 people will cost from about 10
12 thousand rupees.
★ First dayঃ
How to get there- (Dhaka-Srimangal)
From Saidabad Bus Terminal at 12pm Shyamoli, Citylink,
Travel by Hanif Paribahan bus or train after 9 pm
If you start, you will be able to reach Srimangal in the morning. Dhaka
From Srimangal train or bus minimum and
The maximum rent is 150 to 500 rupees.
Gate of Srimangal-Lauyachhara Udyan, – Bhanugach Chaumuna-Madhabpur
Lake-Srimangal Tree Museum Gate (Srimangal)
Near Srimangal station or bus terminal
After breakfast, go to tell the story
At Vanugas Tempo Station. Just ask someone
Vanugas tempo station will show. Then,
Bhanugachera CNG by Lauyachhara Reserve Forest
Go down to the gate. Tickets from the gate
Get inside and read. Inside the garden one, one and a half and three
There are a total of three trails per hour, where tourists
Can enjoy nature up close. The bell
Take a walk in the forest.
You will see all kinds of insects,
Plants, birds and orchids. Can match Hanuman, monkey and
Show me the apes.
Paved roads, no fear of losing the way.
Then, saying goodbye to Lauyachhara, he came to the main road
Wait. And ride in local CNG or tempo
Bhanugach will reach Chaumuna. Having lunch there
Go straight to Madhabpur Lake by CNG.
The winding path of the tea-garden, the greenery of the lake
Glittering water, shady sunny environment, water lilies and seasonal water lilies
The presence of birds will fascinate you. Madhabpur Lake
On the way back to Srimangal from Srimangal Tree
Go down to the gate of the resort and museum for a while
Walk along the green winding tea garden. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion
The wind makes Venice tired all day long
Will give.
By then the sun will be tilted to the west. You too
Srimangal Tree Resort or any of the choice
After booking at the hotel, have dinner and rest.
** One for a few hours from Srimangal town
Mentioned by reserving CNG or microbus
Can visit places. From Dhaka
Rent to Srimangal and 1st day tour
The cost of staying in the hotel will be around 5000 rupees
★ 2nd day:
Srimangal-Ghat Bazar-Hail Haor-Baikka Bill-Sitesh
Dev’s Zoo – Srimangal Railway Station – Kulaura
The next morning I had to go out for breakfast
For the purpose of Baikka Bill. Srimangal-Moulvibazar
Just a little further from Kalapur Bazar along the road
Baruna-Hajipur paved road. Ride an autorickshaw from the city
Varuna can go to the market. Local from there
You can sit by pressing CNG or autorickshaw
In Hajipur market. The market is known as ‘Ghat Bazaar’.
From there it is about 3-4 by autorickshaw or on foot
If you go a kilometer away, you will see Baikka Bill.
The main attraction of Baikka Bill is the migratory and local birds. This
In the season, that is, in the winter, with the passing of the afternoon
If you can attend, you can see in groups
Purple swamp hen, small big pankauri r
Migration of various species of domestic and foreign birds.
Besides, you are fascinated by the water of lotus leaves and the chirping of birds
Will do very secretly. Eating arrangements around the bill
No, keep light food and water with you if you don’t camp
Don’t forget.
On the way back to see the bill, come back to Sitesh Dev
Mini Zoo. Only 1 from Srimangal municipal town
Sitesh at a house on Mission Road, a kilometer away
This mini has been developed by Babub on his own initiative
The zoo. As soon as you enter the zoo, you will see it
Snake! Fish tiger. Lots of time
This tiger could be seen in Srimangal. Also
The zoo has wild swans, chakha, sarli, raj
Sorrel, Tea Bird, Cormorant, Harial, Green Dove, Wild Rooster,
Dahuk, water dove, blue-throated spring bauri, tila pigeon and partridge,
Different species of birds including carcasses, parrots, mountain bucks.
Golden tortoise. Those are the golden turtles ever before
Didn’t see, this turtle is definitely for them
That would seem wonderful. This animal eats fruit, climbs trees.
Another attraction of this small zoo is the flying squirrel,
Endangered white tiger, Maya deer herd, bear, python, hedgehog, white
Durakanta golden tiger, pigeon and Hanuman with long tail.
But if you have time to go, then talk
You can go with the director of the zoo Sitesh Babu.
It would be nice.
If you can return to the city before evening, take two rickshaws
To see the twilight tea city (Srimangal)
You can leave Ramesh Babu’s Nilakantha tea
In the cabin.
I have heard that Sataranga tea has now been upgraded to eight colors.
There is no way but to be fascinated by this wonderful sataranga tea. Tea
After eating, Jayantika (train) left after 6 pm
In Kulaura. And no choice on the side of the station
Stay overnight at the hotel.
** One for a few hours from Srimangal town
Mentioned by reserving CNG or microbus
Can visit places. It will cost
1200 to 1500 rupees. And Kulaura 4 people have 1500
★ 3rd day / last day:
A pair of tea from Kulaura by CNG or bus to Baralekha
40-45 to see the path to the garden, fishmonger and shade
You can reach Kathaltali market in minutes. CNG or
If you tell the bus driver, he will drop you off at Kathaltali.
One of the 100-150 rupees for lunch in the market
You will rent CNG and go to Madhabkund
Then, all day in Madhakunda waterfall, waterfall peak, tea
Gardens, orange orchards, Khasia capital sees and
New waterfall Parikunda waterfallTurn around as you wish
Baralekha Uttar will take CNG in the afternoon
At the counter of Bazar Shyamoli Transport. Or jackfruit
From Kulaura railway station. And 4 p.m.
You can return to Dhaka by bus / train in the evening.
** On the last day it will cost 2500 including travel and fare in Dhaka
Like money.
* With winter clothes, sneakers for walking or comfortable
Keep sandals and some necessary medicine.
* If you want to walk in the forest, do not carry extra burden


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