Pokhara is a green land of beauty ‘

Impeccably beautiful Nepal in the background of the Himalayas. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, deep blue lakes, fast-flowing mountain rivers and lush greenery, this country is strangely beautiful.








Pokhara is the most interesting city in Nepal, which is 200 km from the capital Kathmandu. Located away. It was almost midnight when I reached Pokhara. From dawn we went to see the white river, white name because the water is white like milk. Then I went to see Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave. Damp caves, stalagites are dripping with water. Then a boat trip to Fuwa Lake for 300 rupees per hour. The lake is as beautiful as a painting by an artist. Huge collection of pashmina in roadside shops. After some shopping I returned to the hotel.









The next day at 4 am I left for Sarankot to watch the sunrise at Annapurna peak. It was pitch dark all around, the temperature was about 4 degrees Celsius. We are shivering in the cold. After drinking coffee from the peddler, I first went to the view point. It is almost impossible to capture on a celluloid screen the enchanting scene that the golden light falls on the snow-white mountain peak at sunrise. Apurba fascinated everyone with that scene. Momo is a famous fun dish in Nepal. In the bone-chilling cold, the smoke from the stove is incomparable with the hot momo chilli and mint chutney.









Then we went to Davis Falls. The water of the falls is very clear and deep. Everyone had a barbecue at night. Cold under the open sky, the clouds rushing, the guitar tingling, and the barbecue …….. wonderful. Life is really beautiful.







The hilly winding road, the fast flowing river below, the dense green behind beside the journey towards Kathmandu. After spending two days there, he returned to the country. Memories of Himalayan girl Nepal are still alive today. I think I run there again and again.



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