Puthia Rajbari or Panchani Zamindar Bari.

Puthia Rajbari in Rajshahi is one of the archeological heritage of Bengal. In 1895, Maharani Hemantakumari Devi built the present rectangular two-storied palace in an attractive Indo-European style of architecture. You can reach Puthia by bus from anywhere in the country and you can easily reach Natore or Rajshahi by train.



During the Mughal period in the seventeenth century, Puthia zamindari was the oldest of the various kingdoms of Bengal. It is said that after receiving the title of ‘King’ from the Nilambar Mughal Emperor Jahangir (1605626 AD), it became known as Puthia Rajbari. The zamindari was divided in 1844. In that division, the eldest son of the zamindar got five and a half annas of the property and the other three sons got three and a half annas. Until 1950 there was a zamindari system. When the custom was abolished, the zamindari of Puthia Rajbari was also abolished. But even though the zamindari was abolished, their palaces, temples and other structures built during that period still survive. This magnificent palace was built in 1895 by Maharani Hemanta Kumari Devi in ​​honor of her mother-in-law Maharani Sarat Sundari Devi.



There are six Rajdighis around the Puthia palace. The size of each tank is six acres. There are also six temples. The largest Shiva temple. Besides, there are Radha Govinda Mandir, Gopal Mandir, Govinda Mandir, Dolmancha, etc. On the walls of each temple are wonderful terracotta plaques. The Jorbangla Temple, the Bungalow Temple, the Pancharatna, or the Peak Temple, the temples of different styles in Bengal are all interesting. In addition to the queen’s bathing ghat, the inner palace is a huge palace complex.




* How to get there: You can go to Puthia Rajbari by any bus from Dhaka to Rajshahi. You can go to Puthia by renting a van for 5 TK.

And the fare from Rajshahi is 25 TK.
*** Don’t leave anything indigestible anywhere when you go for a walk. These ancient beautiful places are our wealth. Do not waste by throwing garbage in them.


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