Queen Munsiyari of Kumaon.

Only 7500 feet in height! The highest place in the Kumaoni Empire. Don’t be fooled, the view of the Himalayan peaks from Munshiyari – well, the Bagha-Bagha trek route doesn’t match either. And “Munsiyari” means the land of ice, there is a thick layer of ice for 6 months in a year. When I came here, I realized why the name of Panch-Chulli is Panch-Chulli. In the light of the last afternoon, when the fire started in front of the eyes at five o’clock, there was nothing to say except infinite surprise and Keya Arth.





The beautiful Via car left Choukhari early in the morning, 100 km. The Goriganga river flows along the steep hill road for a long time. Will go up to the Milam Glacier. 30 km to reach Munshiyari. Birthi waterfall fell before, about 500 steps can be reached in front of the fountain, what a beauty of the huge waterfall that came down from 200 feet above. Below him, with the help of small fish and rice from the river, the Khawadawa episode was completed in a small dhaba. As soon as I left the car from here, I realized that it was cold, and Kalamuni Top, the highest point of this road. Sundar had promised our bird-loving fellow traveler to show the Kalij Pheasant at Munshiyari, but as soon as the car took a turn, we saw the extinct-almost mountain vulture, having a peaceful dinner on the dead body of the leopard last night. It was almost afternoon when we reached Munshiyari, but as soon as we entered the hotel, we saw the view in front of us and started walking. Although the cloud cover, but if the range that peeks through its gap is the range then the next morning suffocation experience awaits!





Munsiyari is the starting point for many small and large trek routes … the famous Milam Glacier among the big ones – which runs along the original salt road with Tibet through the village of Johar; It is said that the Pandavas made their last journey to Mahaprasthan through this road. You can also go from here to Ralam, named Glacier! And for those of us who have come with less time, there is an empty top 5 km. Trek or 2 km trek like Maheshwari Kund. It is an impeccable experience to see the form of Panchchulli through the forest road! KMVN’s Alpine Resort is available for overnight stays at Khalia Top. At Maheshwari Kund, I met Mallika Virdi, who had been working with the villagers of Munshiari for a long time … 1 km from Munshiari. Ahead, they have made a homestay in Sarmoli village and arranged accommodation for tourists.

In the morning, from the lawn of the hotel, one could see how the five peaks of Panchchulli turned red with vermilion. Shortly after that, we headed towards the Nanda Devi temple. In the open desert of the temple, the light of Panchchulli Rajaramba Nandakot peak was seen. As soon as it was noon, everyone started counting the mistakes in the anagona of the clouds, but after a while, the cold wind started blowing and the clouds began to cut. The road that goes down the back of the KMVN can be reached in the open desert in front of the Tibetan Border Police Camp in front of the ancient Pandey Lodge! Absolutely 180 degree open view from here! Hu hu cold wind is blowing, only Bengali call from the surroundings – “Babu cover your ear, it will get cold”, “Hurry up, go to the room and see the seven brothers Champa”; “As soon as the school opens, the math test, my tension is, you have no eyebrows” – and the glorious Himalayas in front. I remember Sundar saying a little while ago, “Aap bangali log hi to aate he, is awful weather me, hamlog ko v ruti-rozi milta hai, baki sejan me yo sab babulog aate hai, khali thane dikhate hai!”





After a while, the color started to reach the top of the panchachulli, just like an artist’s skillful scratching of the brush began to change the color! From yellowish to red at the beginning, from pink to pale white at the end! This is just a metaphor for the change of color in the human mind! And standing in front of this cosmic magic, I was trembling in the cold alone, thinking only one thing, “Heaven is here, heaven is here!”

After eating KMVN’s impeccable food at night and going to bed at seven in the morning, the next morning’s journey to Binsar! A small sample of KMVN’s hospitality, the manager came to the door with tea at 6 o’clock in the morning on that cold day, but we were just saying, “Hamlog to hai hi aplogo ke liye, hi to government job!”


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