Rainbow Falls.

Most of us plan to visit Cherrapunji, Shillong and Snowing Pedeng in Meghalaya. But in my opinion, with a little more effort, you can get around the village of Nongriat in Tyrna Elaka with a double decker, a natural swimming flower in the distance, and Rainbow Falls in the distance. Never before have I seen so much blue and clear water. Just as there was blue and clear water in Rainbow Falls, there was blue and clear water in Natural Swimming Flowers. The water was so blue that the rain had not started yet. However, if you go in the rain, you will find another terrible water scene. There is no way you have to bother to see Rainbow Falls. Because if you want to go from Tarna village to Double Decker, you have to go down about 3000 stairs (some say 3400 stairs) then you will get Double Decker Bridge which is located in Nangriyat village. Rainbow Falls only after crossing 2000/2200 stairs from there.







We visited Cherrapunji the day before and went to Trina village in the evening. Our plan was to stay in Nangriat village but it was 6 o’clock when we reached so the villagers showed the signboard drawn near the stairs where it is written that visitors are not allowed to enter after 5.00. And you can’t go to Nangriyat village without booking at any homestay so we went up to a homestay in Trina village. It is 8 o’clock in the morning when I wander around and hang out. We started trekking around 6.45. We left for Rainbow Falls by 12 o’clock. I went to Rainbow Falls and saw the blue water and couldn’t control my greed. I went down for a bath but the water was very clear and cool which instantly relieved the fatigue. And I’m already ready to get into the natural swimming pool. It’s 5 o’clock to back us up. The next day we camped on the banks of the Umgat River at Snownepedeng, crossed Kransuri in the morning and crossed the border in the afternoon.
How to get there: From Dhaka to Sylhet Tamabil-Dauki Border.
Dauki to Trina village. (We take a taxi directly from Dauki to Cherrapunji and go to Trina village)


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