Rajaram Temple (Rajoir, Madaripur).

This temple is located inside the Khalia Peace Center. The construction style of this temple is quite nice. Built around 1625 AD, this temple is one of the oldest temples in the region. The temple was built by the then zamindar and Kalisadhak Raja Ram for his own worship. The various scenes of the Ramayana Mahabharata are skillfully painted on the terracotta of the temple. There are also pictures of different animals, flowers, gods and goddesses. The two-storied temple looks like a four-storied house. Built on 23 percent of the land, the temple is 20 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 48 feet high. The temple has 3 rooms on the first floor and 6 rooms on the second floor. There is a ranaghar next to the temple. Which is basically a state of ruin. These kitchens were originally made for worship. The Department of National Museums and Archeology has now appointed a side director to look after the temple, declaring it a protected antiquity. You can see the temple before the destruction.








Although it is a very close district of Dhaka, the communication system of Madaripur is not very good. If it is Padma Bridge, the communication system will not be the same as before. So you have to go out very early to go to Madaripur. From Gulistan / Postagola, take any bus bound for Mawa to Shimulia Ferry Terminal. From here you can take Padma boat by speed boat. The rent will be 100 rupees. If you want you can also go to the launch, in that case the fare will be 33 rupees. However, it is a matter of time. It will take 15 minutes to go from Mawa to Kawrakandi by speed boat. And it will take about 1 hour to go to the launch. Get on and off any bus / Mahindra / Auto from Kawrakandi to Madaripur. Tekerhat bus stand can be rented for 50-100 rupees. From Tekerhat bus stand you can go to Khalia Shanti Kendra by van. As soon as Vanyala is told, Khalia will bring down the peace center. The rent will be 10 rupees. The environment of the peace center is quite pleasant. This peace center was originally a zamindar house. Here you can see several old structures including Chowdhury House, Raja Ram School, Rajram Temple.


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