Rangamati is an ideal travel trip for tourism.

The key to tourism is a place where people can move around safely and safely. Beside this, people will get an arrangement that agrees with the quality of food. There will be natural environment or history, tradition or some socio-cultural experience, enjoyment, natural or man-made entertainment. But the first condition is safety and freedom from para. Adventurers or adventure lovers go ahead with the fear of danger, it is not the job of tourists. Judging by all this, the city of Rangamati and the man-made lake next to it, known as Kaptai Lake, is a very good tourist destination.

Although the main city of the hill district, the main attraction of this city is the lake or waterway. Rangamati is ideal for pleasure trips or relaxation trips by water. Infinite natural beauty is spread in the corners of the lake. Hundreds of small, medium and large engine-powered boats or launches to navigate the lake. Hundreds of boats ply around the lake on holidays. Apart from holidays, 40-50 boats are rented every day, said a boat owner. All in all, it was a great pleasure to see the boat procession of tourists in the water of the lake – the lake became a festive place during the holidays.






As an hour on the lake, one can rent a boat launch for a specific two destinations or for the whole day. The rent of a big boat for 30-40 people is 3-4 thousand rupees for the whole day. Hours are available for rent from the hanging bridge area, the ship’s lifeboats. Rent like 400 TK per hour. You can also travel by speed boat. The seven of us rented for 2500 TK for the whole day. In a news link of 2017, it is seen that the fixed rate of boat rent for 6 spots is as follows. Although these are not fully followed, you will find boat-launch rentals at nearby rates. About six packages.
Package-1: Seven Points: Subhalang Jharna, Adivasi Village, Shuvlong Army Camp, Peda Ting Ting, Changpang, Garba and Mejang Restaurant. 6 hours rent for a 6-seater boat is 1950 TK




Package-2: 10 points: Suvlong Jharna, Adivasi Village, Shuvlong Army Camp, Peda Ting Ting, Changpang, Garba, Tuktuk Eco Village, Swargachhara and Mejang Restaurant. The rent is two and a half thousand rupees. Time 7-8 hours.




Package-3: Three points: Subhalang Jharna, Changpang and Garba. Rent in 4 hours is 1400 TK.
Package-4: Five points: Subhalang Jharna, Peda Ting Ting, Changpang, Garba and Rajbari. Rent 1950 TK. Time 5 hours.
Package-5: Five points: Peda Ting Ting, Changpang, Mejang, Tuk Tuk Eco Village and Rajbari. Rent 1950 TK. Time 5 hours.
Package-6: Five points: Peda Ting Ting, Changpang and Tuk Tuk Eco Village. Rent 1050 TK. Time 3 hours. Besides, the rent of any engine driven boat is Rs.

There are lower medium or high quality hotels or resorts to stay. I was at the beach hotel with 200 TK, attached bath, bath room has tiles. A little dirty wall, even the sheet blanket is not dirty! What else for 200 TK! I did a little research on tourism – non AC was the cheapest room at 1600 TK. There are two hotels / motels for tourism. There are also honeymoon cottages. I did not ask for the rent of expensive roses – it could be 4-5 thousand rupees! But I think you will also get AC room within 3. There is a temptation to stay in the resorts on the shores of the lake. When the wife takes the child, she tries to stay everywhere.




And you will get medium quality food at medium price. There are many medium quality hotels in the city. There are some restaurants in the middle of the lake. Our boat was in the ‘zoom room’ of Barkal police station. Food is expensive but clean. The food tastes good too. Rui mashed fish – ate kekki fry. Water is also bought and eaten. Salad bill caught 20 TK. A total of 200 TK was billed at one time. There was bamboo chicken, I didn’t try.

There are basically two places to go in the city: reserve market and ‘tourism’. The famous (!) Hanging bridge of the city is in this tourist area. The bus will take you to the reserve market – from there to CNG for tourism 30 rupees per head. If you reserve CNG, the rent is 120 TK. (May ask for 150) If you go to the tourist area in the morning, you can enjoy a good view of the sunrise. Half an hour before sunrise in the morning, the sky turns red. Then the sky began to be quite pale! I couldn’t go to Red’s time. I was able to go at sunrise. You will get good pictures after sunrise. In fact, this is the best time!

One-night or one-day trips from Dhaka, and a two-and-a-half-hour road trip from Chittagong have made Rangamati an ideal tourist destination. Non AC car fare from Dhaka to Rangamati is Tk. 720. And Rangamati Chittagong 120 rupees.

And be aware of the environment.


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