Rani Rasmoni’s Ghat.

I spent my childhood on this beach. We used to say doijarkul. Here you will find the sea, mangrove forests, beaches, the opportunity to see the life of local fishermen. The beach inside the forest is like the now famous Guliyakhali. Although Guliyakhali is famous, there are many similar spots on the Chittagong coast. Even the place of the picture was like that a decade ago.





The place was once lonely. Has been popular for the last eight to ten years. So there are quite a few people on holiday afternoons. But other days are quite quiet.





If you want to see the real look, go in the morning. The tide will come in front of the eyes of the mangrove forest. It’s a sight to behold.






The rickshaw will take you to Sagarpar when you come to Chittagong’s Alangkar Mor. Rent 50 TK.

Located in South Kattli of Chittagong city, this beach is also known as Sagarika Beach or Halishahar Beach.


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