Resort trip to the tea house.

How many names are decided to go around with a cup of tea in hand on holidays? Cup after cup keeps coming. But have you ever wondered, there is a handful of travel hidden in this small cup of tea? But let’s turn to the tea house. At the Saurin T-Estate.


In fact, the mountains, the deserts, the plateaus, the forests, the seas float before your eyes whenever you think of going for a walk. Sourin T-Estate but different. The word ‘Saurin’ means ‘one hundred queens’. Habitat surrounded by hills and tea gardens. There are extensive tea gardens along the hill. A few days of the holiday will call you to the slopes of the mountains in the very quietly arranged green.


Walkthrough the tea-garden in the morning. The road will be seen with tea-workers, who are busy picking tea-leaves. Taste fresh hot tea at the end of the morning trip. If you want to know how to make this tea while sipping tea, there is also a system. You can visit the tea factory. At lunch, you will get a taste of various types of local and foreign food. If you want to eat local food, he also has arrangements. In the afternoon, sit in the garden at the foot of the decorated hill and watch the sunset while sipping tea. Find another world in the silent darkness that descends. This is not the end if you want you can get wood baked barbecue in the evening. There is also a green natural environment with a spa, steam sun jacuzzi, and modern gym facilities.


Go and stay
The distance from Mirik to Saurin Tea Garden is only 8 km. You can also go by car from Bagdogra. However, arrangements are also made from the hotel. There is one to seven days stays here. There are 6 double rooms and two well-appointed suites to stay in. Arrangements are also made to visit the area from the hotel.


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