Rocket Express: Darshan to Chuadanga.

When you hear the name Rocket Express, it seems that the train will run at the speed of a rocket. The reality is the opposite. While looking at Darshan’s Keru & Co. and looking for what is around, a hotelier mama narrates about Darshan Halt. When I go to any district or upazila town, I like to see the railway station of that area. This is an old habit. Aslam left without thinking anything. This Darshan Halt station is the entrance of trains running from Khulna to Dhaka and from North Bengal to South Bengal. I entered this dilapidated station and saw a lot of people. Naturally, I found a tea shop before. Sitting at a rural railway station, a cup of strong liqueur tea brings a different look. Think of yourself then as a philosopher or a character emerging from the pages of a novel. My travel companion Imran Bhai’s stamp is crazy again. We were talking about the train from this station to Chuadanga. Because you have to enter the post office while there is light. Otherwise, great poets will become a sin. When I went to check the train schedule, I saw that the Rocket Express Mail train had left Khulna. If the time table is correct, Darshan Halt will be reached by 1.45. Its final destination is Parbatipur, but sometimes it will drink water from many ghats. We had to get off at Chuadanga. I bought a ticket from the ticket master for 15 rupees. Now the waiting turn is when the Rocket Express will arrive. Bangladesh Railway never disappoints me. The train arrived 10 minutes late as usual. As soon as the train stopped, the hungry fox jumped on the food, and the passengers jumped on the train in the same way. After a great struggle, when I got inside the train and got a seat, I saw a world-winning smile on my face. I got on the train and found various people. Ala Bhola people of all the villages. Some have bought sacks of rice, some chickens and some have boarded the train. In fact, the train seemed like a moving market to me. After a while, the peddlers are running from this bogie to the bogie with various shops. The train started moving but I was in a bad mood. I didn’t get a seat by the window. The train is swinging. After being tired all day, I feel as if someone is putting me to sleep with my mother’s affection. Ah what a sleepy feeling. I looked out the window. It seems that the whole Chuadangai is as beautiful as green. If you want to see the play of light and shadow of green nature, you have to come to Chuadanga. I was overwhelmed to see the roadside view of Karpasdanga to Darshan in the morning on the welfare of a strange vehicle named Karimon. It seems that an artist has skilfully painted it. What is the power of God? Aslam came back from the world of imagination, in reality our train is running towards the destination. I still don’t know if I’m traveling on a 50-year-old train. When I heard from an uncle Mia that he was boarding this train during the Pakistan period, I was a little shocked. By then we have reached our desired destination. I went down to Chuadanga and forgot all about the Rocket Express. When I came to Dhaka, I found out from Google Mama Kalyan that this is one of the oldest trains of Bangladesh Railway. Whose production year is 1985. Sometimes short destinations get stuck in my mind. Darshana to Chuadanga introduced me to Rocket Express. If time permits, I may go to Khulna to Parbatipur on a rocket one day. Until then, let Rocket Express stay in your mind.



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