Rose Village (Sadullapur).

If you want to take the open air of a rural environment inside Dhaka, I would say that there can be no more perfect place than this.
You can come back with your family or friends if you want at a very low cost.
Let’s get to the real thing this time,
After getting reviews of Golapgram from this group, I could not take the time to go for a few days.
Butt did everything together and my friend Bejoy and I came back today from the kingdom of roses.
There are two ways to go to Golapgram.
1. First, a little walk from Mirpur-1 towards Mazar Road, there are actually many Lagunas going to Akrain.
You have to go to the Akrain market in Laguna first (rent-20 rupees).
After that you have to come to Shampur by auto from Akrain Bazar (rent-20) rupees.
On the way, the beauty of the Birulia Bridge over the Turag River and the beauty of the river flowing beside it will make your mind wander 🙂





Many rose gardens can be seen on the way from the Ukrainian market.
But there are innumerable large rose gardens all over the whole area of ​​Shampur.
In the vicinity of the rose garden and the open air of the rural environment, you will feel that your day is successful today.
Now the mother has just begun to bloom.
And after a month you will see only roses and roses around you.
But even if you go now, you will see the beauty of the garden and the beauty of small blooming roses.
Rose growers are very good.
If you treat them a little better, they will give you that respect.
But yes, no one in the garden will give them a swollen hand or a jigsaw.
They will tear you down if you need to.
If you want you can buy many roses at very low prices.
2. Another way is to go by trawler.
We chose the second route. For that, first we have to come to Diabari Trawler Ghat by rickshaw from Mirpur-1 (fare 25-30).










And if you don’t want to come by rickshaw, you can go to Laguna. In that field, your fare will be 5 rupees.
Sadulapur-bound trawlers are crowded at the wharf.
It takes 25-30 minutes to reach Sadulapur by trawler (fare-20) rupees.
The beauty of the surroundings and the murmur of the river water will make you feel tired in a moment while you are in the trawler 🙂
From Sadulapur you have to go to Shampur by auto (fare-10).
We are both beauty thirsty again.
So we went to Akrain Bazaar again after Shampur and from there we went to Birulia Bridge.
The rent is 30 rupees extra.
However, seeing the beauty of the two sides of the bridge, you will not think that you have spent a few extra money.
The last trawler left the trawler wharf at 5.30 pm.
So if anyone wants to come in a trawler, they must come to the dock by 5 o’clock.
I guarantee that you will get twice as much beauty as you get in the trawler.
One of the pictures is of the beauty of the river in the evening when the other is coming
Note that if there is less space in the trawler at the time of arrival and departure, then it is not seating, but if there are people at the river bank like Gabtali or Bahan, the trawler is crowded to take them 😉
If you come and go in Laguna, it will cost you 80-100 rupees.
And if you come by trawler, your cost will be 110-120 rupees.
You can enjoy so much beauty inside Dhaka if you want for very little money 🙂
And if you want to eat and drink, then that is your wish.
We two friends ate lunch at the Ukrainian market for 150-160 rupees 🙂
Note that although Kamalapur Bazar is very close to Shampur, there is no good hotel there 🙁
There was a desire to give more pictures.
Butt has so many favorite pictures that if I give them all, maybe the admin brother of the group will not allow my post.
#Happy_traveling 7


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