Rose Village – Ville de Fleur.

Sadullahpur village, which was built in the midst of neat nature near Dhaka, is known as Golapgram by many tourists.
Not just in name, but literally it can be called Golapgram.
Because in a whole (or more) village, there are a lot of roses being cultivated across the fields.
Along with some other flowers and cauliflower in a short range: p
With a little relief from the hustle and bustle of civic life, you can go to Golapgram to fill your lungs with pure dustless air.
Talking about some of our friends’ travel experiences last week.
Lots of posts have been made in Golapgram recently.
So how to go, what to eat, etc. Common and widely discussed part can be read directly by skipping Point to be Noted part.








How to get there –
Route 1 – CMB can be reached by bus from Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Nabinagar or Chandra. It is one stop before Jahangirnagar University (from Dhaka side).
If you have a hire in the team, you can take easybike reserve from CMB. 250 directly to Golapgram. 6 people can sit.
You can also take CNG.
And if you’re alone like me, follow me.
CMB – Easybike to Charabag (Rs. 15) – Easybike or Laguna to Akran Bazar (Rs. 5) – Rickshaw or Easybike to Golapgram (Rs. 40 for rickshaw, probably Rs. 20 for easybike)
Route 2 – For those who live near the crossroads or Uttara, first come to Abdullahpur. And Dhanmondi, Cantonment, Mirpurwala come to Mirpur 1.
Now get on the Mirpur-bound bus from Abdullahpur via Beribadh or get on the bus from Mirpur via Beribadh via Abdullahpur.






Go down to the junction of 3 roads of Birulia embankment.
From here take EasyBy directly to Golapgram or first Akran Bazar, then Golapgram.
From Golapgram directly down to the base of the bridge. Rent 200 rupees. 6 people can sit. Of course we sat 9 people. : p
We used this route on our way back.
The calculation should be the same at the time of departure.
However, I did not see any CNG-easybike on the way back in the afternoon. I can’t say whether he saw the evening or not. Keep that in mind.







Have you been missing anything for so long? Here we go! : D
Route 3 – This is the most popular route to Golapgram, because the joy of trawler travel!
For this, first come to Mirpur 1. From there, take Alif, Mohana or Laguna to Diabari Battala Trawler Ghat (Rs. 5).
From there directly by trawler to Sadullahpur (Rs. 25 per person) – then to Golapgram by auto (Rs. 10).
Even if the water of Turag is low, half of your trip to Golapgram will be a pleasure in this 45 minute trawler trip.
I know, because I didn’t use this route, so I had to put up with all the friends and pictures of how much fun all my friends had on the trawler trip 🙁 -_-
Besides, Ashulia Bazar can come from Chandra, Abdullahpur or Nabinagar. From there to Charabagh-Akran Bazar-Golapgram.
Everyone can use the route to their advantage. If the team is heavy, you can take easybike reserve from Birulia embankment, Ashulia Bazar or CMB, all places. The rent can be 200-250 TK.





Point To be Noted:
The way to go for the first time creates confusion, so I went into detail about it.
Let’s take a quick look at some important things –
1. On the way from Akran Bazar to Golapgram, tell the driver to take the main rose fields there. Where Lake Island has a huge billboard. Otherwise you can go to the other side. Because of the huge village flower garden.
2. I did not see many shops in the main part of Golapgram except a few grocery stores. So if it is a matter of food, Akran can come.
3. Since roses are grown all over a huge village, the view is the same everywhere, even though the area is large.
So both of them will think that what was to be seen is over. So not the ideal place to spend the whole day.
4. Don’t forget to go to Golapgram and take pictures or go down to the field for any other reason.
I have seen 2/3 incidents in front of me that they have heard very harsh words due to going down to the field.
The reason is normal. Inexperienced people like us can inadvertently damage trees.
And if 500 people come here all day, and if at least 20 of them have to talk about not getting off, then in a week anyone will lose patience.
In the middle of the field there is an isle or path for walking, sometimes there is a nice place to rest. Use these. No one will say anything unless he goes down to the field.
And with permission you can also take pictures with a bouquet of flowers in hand.
5. Flower means color, and color means play of light. So try to go on a sunny day.
If there is a cold all day, the environment and the day may feel a little dead.
6. If you want, you can buy flowers for your loved ones. There is a flower market in the market in the evening. But naturally we didn’t see that.
There is also a small shop on the farm. You can also buy directly from them. A bouquet of 50 roses is 150 or more.
**. Note that nowhere in the whole post did I mention the zamindar house. Because if we are not mistaken, then the matter of this manor house is an overrated myth.
A small bridge has gone from the base of the embankment bridge to the right inside the village. There are a few more ancient ruined houses in Egram, including the picture of the zamindar’s house. However, the senior citizens of the area are reluctant to accept them as zamindar houses.
In our experience, when a middle-aged uncle was asked where the zamindar’s house was, he said in a somewhat rude voice, ‘What zamindar’s house? Whose house? When was the zamindar






Who? ‘
But the children know it well as a zamindar’s house. The reason may be to ask visitors like us.
Even though the behavior of the people in the area was normal, it seemed to them that we were not going to a tourist place, but to someone’s house.
The reason was understood by looking at the house of the so-called zamindar.
A few small, dilapidated, very old, two-storied houses built in the ancient style of construction. However, these cannot be called zamindar houses.
In addition, there are people, children playing in the yard, a small space and a signboard of a company in front of the house, and a local grocery store.
In other words, in the desire to see the zamindar’s house, there is sand from all sides.
There is no environment for tourists to enter the house, you will not want to. After all, we certainly don’t want to look around anyone’s room.
You must be disappointed to hear the picture of zamindar house in Panam, Baliati, Tangail. Just like me.
But if you want to see the old house, you can go. Not to see the manor house.
But the area is beautiful. And the bridge that goes from the side of the huge road to the embankment is also beautiful.
If you want to go back this way, you can hang out with your friends here for a while in the late afternoon. It would be nice. It would have been nice to have water in the river or canal below the bridge.





However, the posts about Golapgram seemed a bit exaggerated to me in terms of reality.
Seeing such a post can be a bit disappointing if it takes away the hope of something very huge. So I gave an open opinion from personal experience.
Besides, Golapgram is definitely a good place to spend your free time at the end of the year.
But before you go, type Golapgram in the search box of TOB without relying on any one post (like Amarta).
All related posts will come. Take a moment to read and get a clear idea.
What’s more, plan together with friends and go out one day.
And to retain the characteristics of an ideal traveler, throw away any kind of garbage (paper, bottles, plastic packets) at the designated place.
If you can’t find a specific place on the spot, bring it with you where there is a dustbin.
The environment is beautiful for us. It is our sacred duty to preserve its form for the next generation.
Thanks so much for reading the huge post patiently.
Sorry for any misspellings, misspellings, word choices.
Be careful, be safe.
Stay tuned.
Life is too short to explore the treasure of nature 🙁
Make the best use of every chances.
Happy Traveling.


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