Royal State of Bhutan.

In fact, their minds are with the Bepar-Separ Royal. There is no comparison between their building art and craftsmanship. The country is very cautious in terms of cleanliness. Once a week they volunteer to get on the road. The army, the police, the drivers and the general public all do this work. Even if you are taking a guide somewhere, you will see him picking up a packet / bottle left on the street.
One of the aspects that makes me completely confused is the dressup sense of modern girls. If you are an Instagram user, you will notice that there are many vintage, floral dresses, jackets, Adidas, Nike, small backpacks, goggles and many more. You can see such a tie. If you want to get married in that country and become a citizen, boys have to be 25 years old and girls have to be 15 years old. ☹️
I never thought I would be able to finish the whole tour at such a low cost. If not, you will not believe. Although low cost only applies to budget travelers. I could not go to Punakha just because of the shortage of visa time. But I want to go again. Other people may be tempted to go to this country for natural beauty again and again but the thing that draws me the most with it is the ban on smoking. Because I don’t smoke and I get short of breath when I smoke it. I know many people have already started hating me. If you turn that way, you have to live, Mister. I heard the word from the mouth of a grandfather from Calcutta who came to visit there.
My home is Rangpur. I am coming by air from Dhaka. Resting for 2 days and eating a lot. I boarded the Manik Express from Modern Mor Pump at 4 pm to Burimari Border. Although I could catch the bus before but my friends are coming to Butt Manik. Both Manik’s seat and use are better than Shyamli’s. My friends paid 600 rupees for the broker’s travel, including travel trucks (500). I passed Travel Trucks from Rangpur Sonali Bank. There was an acquaintance so it costs 50 rupees on the Bangladesh side and he is taking me by bike to the very end. My friends are too late to come to the broker.
However, there will be a lot of brokers on the India side again. Say the name of your bus as if it is officially related to that bus. I’m working on my own, but my friends have brokered it. I paid earlier but my friends are calling my name later for signature and photo and asked for 50 rupees. I have given 100 notes, 40 rupees back because there is no Bengali money. Later he says again, if you get it, you will get 2/1 rupees more. Rupees were made from my Dhaka. Bag checking was also done. I tricked my friends and took 10 paise more. On 08/12/18 I got the rate at Rs. 6.70.





Then go to the bus stand with Tomtom, wait for one person at the bus stand, 2 buses and 45 minutes loss. Later I could not get a bus there and went to the bypass. We had to wait for a while, then from the bypass to Mainaguri. Beta, the bus contactor in Mainaguri, was a scoundrel. They tell us to get closer with Falakata, then we will get closer with Birpara. The road to Falakata is very bad and filled with sand and dust. Jaigaon’s bus is next to Falakata, it takes 1.5 / 2 hours from there. It takes a total of 4/5 hours. So far it will cost 100 rupees. An interesting thing is that so far I have heard the language of Rangpur in the mouths of most people. Then you can take a motor vehicle (Rs. 6) and walk to Bhutan Gate from Jaigaon Immigration Office (Super Market / Bada Bazar) with exit seal. Butt would put me in jail for trying to get in through the main gate 😆 then I had to go in through the human gate. And the main time is the car-horse gate.
That day was Friday, and we arrived at 4:30. Sat-Sun Immigration Off. I played to move around in tension at 5 o’clock. Because the office is closed and the Indians are very confused that the permit will not be available today. Because Indians don’t give permits after 4 o’clock. Going inside, he immediately handed over the form saying Bangladeshi and after getting it old, he searched the passport and said that there was no Indian exit seal. The Jaigaon immigration office will be closed at 8 am. I brought it quickly. After many hassles, I brought Bhutan without a permit and stayed in Funtsoling. After the evening we leave the hotel and go around the market and spend a lot of time sitting in the park after dinner.
The next morning I got up and went to the bus counter and bought a ticket to Thimphu at 8:30 for 245 rupees. After breakfast I left with my bag. It takes 6 hours to relax. The whole road was getting up, so I had a light headache, so I slept a little. The roads and buses are so good that I didn’t even feel anything while sitting in the seat on the wheels. Permit check and breakfast break once in a while. Can’t see any jam and the funny thing is don’t hear any horns.  If there is an accident on the other side, don’t blow the horn. Another good reason to stay in Bhutan. No environmental pollution.




Arriving, I went out to look for a hotel, buy a SIM (250 rupees + 200 rupees internet), fix a taxi, eat and drink. The next day I took a taxi to Thimphu and went around in that taxi because I had already booked it for Rs 3,000.
We found a hotel in Paro and had to walk around a bit at night to get back to the hotel because their last meal was at 8:30 pm (all over Bhutan) and orders had to be placed in advance. After walking out at night, I booked the next day’s taxi for Tiger Nest, Kichu and Museum (Rs. 1400) and the next morning for Chelela Pass (Rs. 1600). Then I bought the Paro to Funtsoling bus ticket (Rs. 245) because the lady had already said that it would cost a lot after a lot of pressure from the students.

You can’t get it. All the rooms at this hotel were booked the next day so we crossed Tiger Nest with bags in their lobby and the next morning we walked around Chelela Pass, stopped at Airport Viewpoint for a while and came to Funtsoling. From that night to the next day, he crossed the border and went home like this for the first time.
The hotel has different prices in different places, my share is 300/400/500 rupees. I have made all the hotels so cheap. Most of the time I eat fried rice and the price is 120/130/150 rupees depending on the restaurant. You can have a good breakfast daily for 100 rupees. They say they don’t give salt in their food, their doctor is forbidding them. The stomach is full but the mind is not full.  I am shopping for about 5 thousand rupees, I am recovering most of it in Paro and the rest in Tuktak Funtsoling. Ah, just like we love cricket, they love football too. Their football grounds are also worth visiting. I am also watching a game. ☺️
I wrote a lot. In fact, it is very difficult to write Bangla on iPhone. So I hope you will be by my side expressing your love with Haha React. Besides, it has been a lot of trouble to go around for a few days, but we, the people of Rangpur, are a bit like “there is Bella, there will be Ella”. So everything is late so the post is also late for some time. Photo taken by myself.


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