Sagarkanya Kuakata.

Many are showing interest in traveling to Kuakata this season. A place to arouse interest. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!
So on this day last year we went out with 6 friends for the purpose of traveling to Kuakata. Being in a friend’s house in that area had many benefits.
Launch or bus can go either way.
We went to the launch.
If you get on the launch that leaves Sadarghat at 6 pm every day, you can reach Amtali launch ghat very early in the morning.
From there take the bus directly to Kuakata.
I don’t remember the launch fare, I don’t even remember the name 🙁
The bus fare was 120 rupees. It takes about 1 hour.
And if you want to go directly by bus from Dhaka, you can get on Sakura, Survi or Golden Line. The fare for a bus is around 750 rupees.
Amtali or Dhaka, all buses go to the beach, and leave in the evening.






Kuakata Beach, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point (Leburchar), Rakhine Market, Buddhist temples are nearby.
There are also vans or bikes for sightseeing at 12 spots, including Red Crab Beach, a short distance away.
If you go to these, it is better to set aside 1 day.
But I’m sorry, the sea is not blue here!
In winter, the horizon is shrouded in fog almost all day long.
And the water is a bit muddy as the beach is shallow at a considerable distance below the sea.
So maybe this is the case.
If you want to see the sunrise, you must get up very early. There are bikes to go. 2 people can go on 1 bike.
The rent is not fixed but not fixed. It may cost 50 rupees per person.
And if you want to see the sunset, you have to go to a place called Leburchar.
I heard sunrise and sunset in Kuakata or standing in one place.
But the reality is different.











The two places known as sunrise and sunset spots are on opposite sides of Kuakata beach.
You have to go to the left along the beach to watch the sunrise, you have to go to the right to watch the sunset.
It takes about 40-50 minutes on both sides.
I like the sunset place the most.
Almost uninhabited area. A further part of the Sundarbans can be found here.
So here too I saw a kind of tree with a root.
There is a small market here in the evening. It cannot be called a market. Not so crowded.
In fact, fresh tuna, hilsa and other marine fish and crabs caught from the sea are available in the evening.
When you buy them, they immediately fry them and bring them.
Chair table leaves on the beach for sitting. After watching the sunset, you can sit on the beach in the evening and eat tuna or crab.
What a wonderful moment!
We went here for two days in a row.
Crabs cost 50-150 rupees and tuna 250 rupees.
Don’t miss this fun if anyone goes.








If you go to such a distant place, make an up-down agreement with the bike or van.
Will take you down, look back like you. Kuakata will back again in the evening.
In fact, vans or bikes run on an up-down agreement.
So if you just say go, you won’t get anything extra when you return, they won’t get passengers either.
Then they may drop you off and leave. You have to walk back.
We had to walk back one evening like this.
On the way back, I was forced to walk as I could not find any rickshaw-van-bike.
But this compulsion quickly became a thrill for us.
Mile after mile of dark dune beach. The sea is roaring on the right. Elevated road on the left.
As far as the eye can see, it is a desert without people.
Occasionally there are fishing boats frozen in the sand.








We got off the road. 8 people are walking across the wet sand across the sea.
The sea on the right, the boundless desert on the left, and the white sand at the feet.
Which is sometimes spreading mysterious white light on the soles of the feet!
What a thrilling experience! * _ *
However, not everyone likes to walk 4/5 km.
So, if someone goes after such misery, talk to other van owners. They will call someone they know.
In this case you have to wait, and the money can cost a little more.
However, I would advise, if you love to walk, you can try it even if you are intoxicated by the thrill of a group of 7/8 people.
You will get a taste of the primitive night and the sea.
There is also a huge dry market in Kuakata.
Although good quality dry goods, there is not much difference in price.
We brought a lot of dry goods for the house including Chapa, Nonailish, Laita.
You can also buy scarves, cosmetics or clothes from Rakhine Market.








Here are some points to keep in mind:
4. Although the Rakhine are many in number, they are wrapped up in themselves. So it is better not to spend more on them. But get along well with them.
3. Although the transportation system or phone network is good, Kuakata is a bit backward compared to its size.
So getting good quality hotels can be a problem.
And it is better not to expect the taste of Cox’s Bazar.
Commercial tourism here, like Cox’s Bazar, has not yet expanded, but is slowly doing so.
Some quality hotels are being built by government or private initiatives.
Then maybe people will giggle like Cox’s Bazar!
2. Although there is no security problem, I have not seen much of a tourist police here. So it is better not to go far in the evening with 2/1 people or not to go too far even if you are grouped for more nights.
Because the whole area is deserted except around the beach. So it is better to be careful.
*** 1. Bargain on the bike as much as possible when going to sunset point, sunrise point or somewhere far away.
And without going to all these places, don’t get on the bike for hours or km as a hobby. I repeat, don’t forget.
In Kuakata that a

There will be countless platinum Honda drivers calling you in a sweet tone, ‘Mama gets up. Only 20 rupees per kilo.






If you forget their words, you will leave the wallet empty.
4/5 hundred rupees will be dropped in half an hour.
They probably don’t take the meter down at the beginning, they don’t show easily if you want to see.
We woke up once, in half an hour each of us calculated 15-26 kilometers!
But the next day we walked about twice the distance to Erchai (from Leburchar, which should never exceed a maximum of 6 km).
You can’t do anything by arguing because they are many in number, and united. And understandably this is their common trick on tourists.
In such a situation, the hope of helping other drivers is in vain. They may come and mediate in this way, ‘560 rupees, you pay 500 rupees. You don’t say anything else to him. “
Unbeknownst to him, being able to pay a rent of Rs. 250 to Rs.
These seem like annoying hoaxes to me. The authorities should pay attention to this.
Of course, there are some such conditions in all tourist spots. That is most often the case with vehicles, sometimes with traveling cameramen.
Forgetting his sweet words will get you on his bike as a hobby, whose sweet words will encourage you to go further, after a while the tone and attitude of his words will change faster than your ex gf / bf.
If you go to the 0.12 spot, the bike can call you, “Mama, let’s go to Rakhine village, you will get everything you want.”
It is better not to step on such ‘tempting’ and forbidden pleasure! Who knows, maybe life may be in the hands of a cycle!
-1. Be sure to be careful before going out to sea.
And it is better not to go too far or sore throat. Because the shallow sea tension is quite strong here. And don’t get down at all at low tide. We don’t want to read your news in the newspapers.
When you are floating, maybe no one will notice the surge of swimming in the sea.
After all, people are the most lonely in the crowd!
Going with a friend will not match my expenses.
So I did not calculate ‘to the point’.
But I think it is well possible at 3500-4000 TK.


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