Saheb Bari Resort, Gazipur.

“Saheb Bari Resort” is one of the few resorts available for a day trip with family or friends around Dhaka. Located at Rajendrapur in Gazipur, this resort built on about 15 bighas will be on anyone’s list of favorites.
Launched about a year and a half ago, the resort is quite tidy and tidy. However, it is worth noting that there is a lot in their plans about it and beauty work is already underway.
Upon entering through the main gate, you will see the main building of the five-story resort which is eye-catching. Upon entering, there is a reception on the ground floor and seating for guests. We went out with a little rest, as usual, to look around.


At first, I saw a rural style cottage next to the field. The very beautifully built cottage looks good at first sight. We went there for a while and took pictures and went to the swimming pool. It was nice to see the pool and I wanted to go down but unfortunately, I didn’t want to bring extra clothes so I put it away for now. After spending some time by the pool, we went to the field and the pond. What a wonderful feeling! There are stair ghats on the banks of the pond and wooden benches under the trees. I sat there and walked around a bit more. Good to say they have some plans around the pond that we might see in the future. And then this place will become more captivating.


Looking around, we look around the rooms inside the resort. We get permission for video purposes. The rooms look quite tidy and nice. Space is much better. Details can be seen in our video. Room booking can be found by calling the number given in the description of the YouTube video.
Turning everything around we had lunch at the resort’s own restaurant. The food was good according to the price. But yes, the taste of food is not the same for everyone. We like it fairly well.
After eating, we turned around a bit and then took the way back.




Travel: We take the Ananya Classic bus from the airport and go straight down to Rajendrapur Pepsi Gate. Rent 120 TK You can also take Bhawal Transport and Samrat Transline buses. Then you can take an auto directly from Pepsi Gate to the resort.


*** There is currently no entry fee.
****** Swimming pool charge 300 TK per hour
A: Wherever you go, make sure that the environment is not ruined. Dispose of dirt at designated places. Be careful to protect the environment here.


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