Sajek Bandarban Sitakunda Travelouge

Very few buses go directly from Dhaka to Kuakata, good quality buses drop off at Khepupara, the fare is 620 non AC, from there again Kuakata 40-50 per person. Sakura Hanif Golden Line goes directly from Gabtali to 720 Non AC. Since the goal is to spend less, get on a semi-chair coach from Saidabad to Bepari Paribahan or get on the Kuakata Express, buy a ticket, only 500-550 will take you directly to Kuakata.



Arrive in the morning, there is no problem with the hotel, there is a very good hotel, the hotel boy will give you various offers as soon as you get off the bus, check and choose and bargain. 4 people can stay in non AC hotel souk rent only 1000 rupees (40 seconds away from the beach).



After breakfast, freshen up and relax for a while on the beach. Take a rest in the room at noon and read a good quality hotel, have a good lunch at 120 TK.



In the afternoon, walk around and come to the fish market. The four of us can eat about 3 kg of tuna for 800 rupees. Quite large, must eat barbecue. Then walk for 2-3 minutes and ask the people to go to Kuakata well and Buddhist temple. Spend the first day like this.



The next day, the four of us got out, checked out, bought a bus ticket, and fixed a van that would show us all around Kuakata. No headaches with the van, there are hundreds. It is better to keep the Kuakata divided into two parts, but you will save 400-500 TK if you turn around completely. So I fix a van for 800 TK. Of course. Misripara Buddhist temple, Rakhine village, estuary (Sundarbans can be seen from here), Zhaoban, red crab char. Shutki Palli, Lemon Chad, etc. There are many more who do not know the name. You are bound to get lost in such a beautiful road while walking, the environment is amazing. That morning my breakfast and lunch at 150 cost 150 (30 + 120). I spent the last afternoon walking around all day, riding a lemon, then came back and took a bus at 8 pm to the mechanical town.



Estimated cost:



Coming and going by Bepari bus 500 + 500 = 1000
Breakfast 70 in the morning for two days
Hotel rent 1000 ÷ 4 = 250
Lunch two days 120 + 120 = 240
Horse in the van 800 ÷ 4 = 185
Dinner two days 120 + 120 = 240
Fish 800 ÷ 4 = 185

Total 2140 taka

These costs may be more or less depending on the other costs of tea dab bananas.

Finally, we are forced to say that we are facing environmental degradation today, so get rid of the garbage and make yourself and others aware.


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