Sajek is the owner of impeccable beauty.

Sajek did not show us his beauty in the last 2 days?
The picturesque road of Sajek, the evening sunset from Kanlak hill, the huge hill below, millions of stars in the night sky, the bright Josna in the middle of the night, all the unknown sounds of thousands of insects from behind the silent hill,
The sea of ​​clouds in the mountains below from sunrise and dawn,
Not wrong
A sea of ​​clouds,
This is an extraordinary scene.
You can look at all those beauties and the sea of ​​clouds all your life.
That is no longer possible,
So I came back to my home,




When I came back, I sat down to write about Sajek and Sajek travel.
We took a bus from Sylhet to Dhaka on the afternoon of the 7th, as we did not get any direct bus from Sylhet to Khagrachhari.
Arriving in Dhaka at night, I took the Shanti Paribahan bus at 11 pm and left for Dighinala in Khagrachhari.
The fare from Dhaka to Dighinala is 560 rupees.
Shanti Paribahan is the sole king of this route but will try to get on the AC bus of Shanti Paribahan.
Non-ACs are not so high class.
However, it can be said to go so far.
At 6 o’clock in the morning we reached Dighinala,
From there I rented a moon car for 1 night and 2 days and set off for the purpose of seeing the Hajachhara waterfall,







15 minutes drive and get off, start walking to Hazara,
After 15 minutes of rugged hills and mountain rhymes, I suddenly heard the rustling sound of that rhyme,
After a while, a lively Hajachara spring came to the fore.
In a word, great.
After seeing the beauty of Hazara for a while, we had to leave early because it was 10:30,
If I missed this Scott, I would have to catch it again at 3 o’clock.
I drove to Baghaihat in the moon car,
There is no breakfast and no lunch from here, although the food is not so good.
So I did not say the name of the hotel.
There is no dry food and adequate amount of water because the price of water is very high.
I set off with everything for the purpose of that sajeka.
After going to some places, he did not enter the army camp,
Then began our journey to Sajek.
Go to Saje and don’t sit outside the moon car or on the roof, what happens?
No, so I got out of Aslam Chander’s car from inside,
I saw the whole 2 hour journey from outside,
The journey of those who sat inside was the ground.
The road to Sajek is so beautiful that all our troubles were compensated by that road, everything else we got was a bonus for us but I didn’t think Sajek would show us such a beautiful face and give us so many bonuses.
At every moment Sajak gave us the bonus of her beauty.
Akabaka, uphill roads and mountains to see Sajek,








Impossibly beautiful Ruilui neighborhood.
Entering Ruilui with an entry fee of 20 rupees and a parking fee of 100 rupees for Chander’s car.
Went to one of the best resorts and cottages in Sajek booked in advance.
Dipu Sikder’s brother, who owns Jumghar Cottage, got our Jumghar Cottage mainly for his brother, Bhai himself managed the room for us,
Brother, we are grateful to you.
Those who will go will contact their brother if they can.
The manager of Jumghar is impossibly hospitable.
The veranda of the Jumghar is its best part.
From where you can see not only Sajek, but also the huge mountains of Mizuram in India.
This is a heart touching scene.
After freshening up and eating, we set out to watch the sunset, the destination being Kanlak Para, the highest hill in Sajek.










After about 30-40 minutes to see the beautiful surroundings of Sajek, I climbed up the hill to the top of Kanlak Para.
It is not possible to explain what the sunset looks like from there.
Before the sun set completely, I left for Ruilui again.
It would have been difficult to come in the evening.
Arriving at Ruilui Para, I left to order dinner.
Saje has to order food before, otherwise it is not available later.
Order dinner at Omega Restaurant,
It is near Sajek Resort at the beginning of entering Ruilui Para.
Didi, the owner of the restaurant, is just as hospitable as she is tasteful and nice.
You will understand that as soon as you enter his restaurant.
I think Saje has a nicely decorated, tasteful Mae has 2-3 restaurants,
Sister Omega is one of them.
And a different kind of vegetables and pulses, cooked by my sister’s hand, jumbhat, eggs, sweet pumpkin,
Ah, Seto is the equivalent of nectar.
Really like nectar,







I’m not lying.
After dinner we went around the helipad,
On the streets of Oikhan, I see millions of stars in the night sky,
I just regretted not seeing Josna,
Maybe God won’t let us go back without showing us the Josna of Sajek, so suddenly at 10 o’clock at night the Josna floats in the sky from the east towards him,
And not too late, I will enjoy Josna from the veranda of Jumghar, so everyone will run to the cottage.
Everyone went and sat on the porch of the cottage,
In front is a huge mountain, an ocean of open sky, with millions of stars in the sky.
You say who takes more time to enjoy life?
Don’t worry,
Then it seems that Sajek bet that he will show us more of his beauty.
So I went to sleep to see Chad.
I was very tense while sleeping because I could only get up in the morning and see the sea of ​​clouds floating below.
I fell asleep thinking,
I woke up at 5:15 in the morning on a mobile alarm,
Through the nearby door I saw light shining in the sky.
Leaving everyone asleep, I went to the verandah of the cottage alone,
I was at all ready for what I saw when I came to the verandah.
I stand alone on the porch,
And the sea of ​​white clouds floating in front of me.
The mountains below because of the clouds









Nothing could be seen.
So many clouds.
I was stunned and just stood there for some time, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Quickly calling everyone, I freshened up at the helipad,
To see dawn and sunrise better,
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to the helipad, because there was a raft of white clouds all around and in the middle of it we had a few insignificant people standing on the hill.
After spending a lot of time there, I saw the sunrise and came back to the veranda of our cottage.
When we came there, it seemed that the cloud was coming in our hands.
The clouds below were so close,
The sea of ​​white clouds and the sun,
The combination of the two was dazzling our eyes.
I didn’t even know when it was time to come back to see such a heavenly scene.
Who wouldn’t want to leave a beauty that left.
Then I have to come, so I packed my bags against my will and took breakfast.
Then I got in the moon car again.
I came back to Khagrachhari to see the beauty of Sajek again,
From Khagrachhari to Chittagong and from Chittagong to Sylhet at home.
It was a fun trip,
The fatigue of the path did not make me a little tired.
Sajak has forgotten all the fatigue with her beauty.
How great is God, showing us such beauty.
Want to see more, want to tour more.

#Happy_Traveling …


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