Sajek’s travel story of autumn.

There is a big difference between autumn sajek and winter sajek!
There is no way to say that clouds can be caught unless they are in the autumn.

When I went to the winter season before, I had to come back with a lot of regrets I didn’t get either cloud or green then. I was still in Megh Machang Cottage, this time it was Megh Machang.



Jac came to the real world, I reached Sajek by moon car and left for the cottage. As soon as he entered the verandah, his eyes were closed. It’s fun to lie on the green hills and enjoy sitting on the veranda. My eyes were covered in the cottage. After seeing the clouds and the green game on the hill, I went to have lunch. I went to Maruti Didi’s restaurant. When he came back, he saw the clouds on the verandah and suddenly the clouds started turning into rain. It is not possible to explain what is the fun of veggies in the rain while standing on the verandah. As the rain subsided, Sajek Zeno took on a new look. Appeared with clouds and rainbows on the green hills.



So that night we were Megh Machang the next night, we were in the sleeping room. Then I moved from Sajek to Dhaka via Langadu, Kaptai Lake, and Rangamati. I will talk about the beauty of Kaptai Lake another day. He knows another heaven.

Finally, let me say one thing –

Let’s all raise awareness to protect the beauty of the natural environment. I throw the garbage in the right place. I refrain from littering anywhere. Because these are our resources.

Happy traveling …


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