Sand pass trek in Uttarakhand

Sand pass track of Uttarakhand. Although the whole track was not completed. For the weather. But I have had a lot of experiences that will work for me in the future and I want to share this experience with everyone. 🙂

Today he has to walk like 7/8 km.
Today, after 3 days, I got ready for the toothbrush, if I put that water on my cheek, it seems as if someone is slapping me loudly. After finishing the dental and cheek care session, I started breakfast. For breakfast there was payesh, fried bread with eggs. I started walking after eating Payesh. The rest of us were on that road with breaks and ate juice and chocolate. At noon, the rest ate bread and vegetables with a break. Today we have 50% walking in the snow. I had to get up today. Light thin down and equal roads were all e stone’s road. The main problem is oxygen.





Ruinsara Tal at 3 pm
Today’s camp is here. Impossibly beautiful place.
I went inside the tent and took 5 layers on my body. My body is cold again. Breakfast included soup and veggie noodles. I was eating inside the tent. Suddenly I was shouting at me from outside and telling me to get out quickly and see what was coming !! I sat comfortably inside, thinking I thought someone had tricked me into catching a cold, so I was surprised as soon as I opened the tent curtain without coming out! It was snowing outside !! It was the first snowfall in my life. I tried to jump out of it, but my body was still frozen.





It was like a stone house next door with no doors or windows 😛 but we were happy to get some old wood from Oikhan at that level. You can enjoy for a while by burning wood. After enjoying, I went back to the tent, the wood and the last enjoyment and the end
As soon as he went to the tent, he entered the sleeping bag and the story started. I finished dinner at 8.30. 8 o’clock at night is a long night near the hills. Dinner consisted of fried potatoes, pulses, petals and rice. I ate something today. The potato was suitable for eating. I was able to finish his plate and rice. And brother Hasan ?? He ate 2 plates of rice and 3 loaves of bread
I ate and slept lightly.
At 12 o’clock at night, he started putting pressure on his stomach. It doesn’t matter how much it snows outside to respond to the call of nature. I am thinking this while lying down. And I want the pressure to go away. Oh mother! At that moment, the pressure started loudly. What to do 4 days after not eating light consequences of eating 6

Whatever it was that morning’s view! Aha !! Thanking the creator, I went to see the lake. 5 minutes by road. The other two went to the lake the day before, I didn’t go then so today I went with the other two.
Breakfast consisted of dried khichuri dal rice, tea and biscuits. Again, more than 2 spoons did not go through the throat. Ready to have tea and walk again .. Today’s target is Upper Dhamini. Today I have to walk again like 8 km. At night the temperature here was -5 ° to -6
Today the snow started from the beginning of the walk. Fresh snow, if you put your foot down, it will go down. The first one was from Taknu to near the knee. And from here on out of the tour, all our fun is over, because the weather is getting worse. It was seen that a lot of darkness was coming towards us from far away. We first started walking in the light, then slowly the dark snow started coming towards us and the light snow started falling. Everyone still liked Snow, on the other hand the guide was saying not to go anymore. All our fun flew in the air, a lot of thoughts filled my head. The guide said that this snow will not decrease but increase, but if it decreases, there is a chance to go. One thing in mind, I’m coming so far to go? Later I told the guide that let’s see if the snow subsides. We had already covered 4 km and no one wanted to go back. Snow slowly began to get heavier. Tension is rising. We are standing in one place because those who were there to bring the tent have not come yet. The plan is to stay here today, tomorrow when the snow subsides I will either go forward or go back but still make a last effort. After waiting for 1 hour of heavy snow, the rest came with tents. Entering the tent, we were in a dilemma. Because nature can make it better or worse. Something was not in my head. The snow outside is growing. We have to sweep the tent again and again, otherwise the tent may break, the tent has already sunk 1.5 feet into the snow. Water has started leaking from the mat under the tent. The condition of 3 of us is bad. Money is a big deal, but the big deal was the question of survival. The guide kept saying that one could die if he did not go down. They have experience so we left at 5/6 in the afternoon without the second question. Track in the snow in the dark. I went downstairs and somehow fell asleep. I didn’t eat anything today except dates.
We were able to go as far as Thanga and the temperature there was -10 ° to -15

We were all already sick. A man from the hill with us vomited carrying heavy things. Another cried because the cold face we had was not normal. God forbid who kills! I’ll just say this ..
At night we were in a place like a stone house next to Ruinsara Tal
An extreme elite


I couldn’t even write 10% of what I faced. When the experienced guide said that if one goes higher, one can die, then what is the situation? I don’t think it will be possible to explain.


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