Sandakanfu-Falut trekking tour.

In the first week of last December, 16 of us went trekking to Sandakan. The cost per person was 14,400. There was a total of 7 days trip.
We started trekking from Tumling on November 30 and came to Srikhola on December 5 to finish our trek. We walked a total of 63 kilometers.





On the first day we took a jeep from Chengrabandha to Manevanjan. On the way there was a late lunch in Siliguri. We started our journey at eleven in the morning and reached Manevanjan with the Siliguri lunch break at around seven in the evening. At that time the temperature was around 12 degrees Celsius. The 6 seater Tata Sumo jeep from Chengrabandha to our Manevanjan was rented for 2500 rupees. And that means the hotel rent in Bhanjan was 300/400 rupees per person.

On the way we had lunch at Siliguri at 250 rupees per person.
This means that there are shops in Bhanjan. From pharmacies, cosmetics, chocolates you will find everything from heavy winter choppers and the price is reasonable. However, after eight o’clock at night, everything stopped. From Manevanjan you have to take permission to visit Singalila National Park i.e. Sandakanfalu Falut. You must bring the original passport and a photocopy with you to get permission. It will take two to three minutes. It doesn’t cost any money. However, the next entry fee of Rs 200 will be charged when entering the range. It will cost 100 rupees for the camera.




From one night in Manevanjan we took another Land Rover jeep to Tumling the next morning. The rent is Rs 1,200 per jeep. 6 people can sit.
Our trekking started from Tumling. However, if the weather is good on the way to Tumling, you will see the Kanchenjunga range clearly.
It is worth mentioning that you must take a guide to enter the range of Singalila National Park. Otherwise you will not get permission. Guide costs A guide has to pay Rs. 1200 for one day.

We trekked from Tumling to Kalapokhari around 6 pm. I started around eleven in the morning. The road was a total of 14 kilometers. The night temperature in Kalapokhari was 6/7 degree Celsius.

The hotel where I stayed in Kalapokhari at night can accommodate six to eight people in one room. It will cost 200/250 rupees per head per night. They have to eat in the canteen. The price will be 150 to 250 rupees. The quality of food is good.






The next day we started trekking around 9:30 in the morning. From Kalapokhari to Sandakanfu. The path was about six and a half kilometers. I arrived at around one in the afternoon. On the way there are options to have light thin tea breakfast. If you want to eat something heavy, you can call the guide in advance and he will make arrangements.
Sandakafu developed from Kalapokhari. Basically, this is the highest mountain in West Bengal. Its height is 11941 feet. If the weather is good, from here you can see the entire Everest, Kanchenjunga, Three Sisters and several mountain range ranges together in a 360 degree panoramic view. You can understand the existence of the sleeping Buddha from here.






Sandakanfu has good quality hotel restaurants. It will cost 250/500 rupees per person to stay here. It will cost 200/250 rupees to eat. At night, the temperature in Sandakpur was 4/2 degrees Celsius.

The next day we started our journey from Sandakanfu to Falut around 8 am. A total of 21 kilometers trekking. We reached Falut by seven in the evening. The temperature was minus 2 degrees Celsius. We didn’t see anything the next morning in Fallout because the weather was bad. But this is the ideal place to visit the Kanchenjunga Range. Its location is only 11 kilometers away.

However, while trekking 21 km from Sandakanfu to Falut, your mind will be filled with views of all the mountain valleys. That scene is awesome.
Falute has only two cottages to stay. One public and one private. Where it is better to book in advance. If you don’t get a seat for any reason, you will have to stay in trouble for staying the night. You can hold Rs. 250/300 per person for staying. And 200/250 rupees for food.
The next day we left Falut for Gorkhe. There was a 15 km trek and the whole thing was just a steep descent down the hill. At this point you will understand that it is harder to go down than to go up the hill.

This Gorkhe Valley may be the best place for you to enjoy this whole trek. Beautiful as a picture. Surrounded by high green mountains, this gorge valley looks like the video game you played at Farmer’s Land.
You can stay here for the night. We arrived here in the afternoon and got up in a lovely cottage. There were 4 people in the room. The rent was around Rs 400 per person. I paid 200/250 rupees per person for food.

From here we left for Srikhola the next day. The trekking was 14 kilometers. We reached Srikhola by afternoon. We went there in a Toyota Sumo jeep that we had fixed for Rs. 2000. I had a late lunch at one place on the way. Price is Rs. 250 per person.
In Vanevanjan we left the hotel the night before and crossed the border at noon the next morning. After resting for some time, I returned to Dhaka in the afternoon.






This was the whole plan of our Sandakafu Falut trekking.
On this trip, one of us had an emergency job and returned to Dhaka alone from Sandakanfu. And one fell ill somewhat due to altitude. A Sandakfu arrived and vomited at night. Also everyone was fit.
Caution: You can drive all the way from Sandakan to Falut. The road will be very bad. Land Rover’s old-fashioned carriage with big paved roads.


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