Sandakanfu trek 7 days.

Sonam G’s routine order to get up at 5:30 in the morning. But the prohibition of this man’s order never seems to mean anything to anyone. But this time he came at half-past five in the morning and started a terrible push! There were no windows in the room so there was no way to understand what was happening. As soon as I came out, I saw that it was pitch dark outside. Before I called Tawfiq, he was ready with Mobile Go Pro. I also run with the down jacket on, the camera, the sandals. Leaving the room, I saw Kanchenjunga and Pandim. Today I understood what it means to be terribly beautiful. To get a good view, I climbed 15/20 meters with those slippers on my feet at that moment. From there, as far as the eye can see, everything is dark. Only, Kanchenjunga, Pandim, Three Sisters to the west, Kumbhakarna; Further west the peaks of the Himalayas, Lhotse, Makalu are shining. When I noticed the sharp heads of Kanchenjunga and Pandim, the middle of my chest felt like something. What sharp places. I saw the Annapurna, in the video, it also snowed again, it was quite wide. But this is just like sharp glass. Probably because of being only 60 km away, so much can be seen with the naked eye.


The vastness of the mountains is 6 Didn’t understand before. After a while, as soon as the sun rose an inch more, the peak of Kanchenjunga turned reddish yellow and became more terrifying. Horrible means but just like being scared. The picture shows so small that the fear, the throbbing of the chest, cannot be explained. I zoomed in on the camera and saw Avalanche. As I learned earlier, the Expedition Team is sitting in the camp for the Kanchenjunga Summit from September 9 to October 9. Even today, they may not have a summit, even if they think it is bad, the violence has not diminished a single point.

I started to take quick pictures with any kind of camera setting. Kanchenjunga (648 m) to the east with Pandim (691 m), and to the west with Kabru North (6338 m), Kabru South (6318 m), Kabru Dome (800 m), Rathong (72 m) and Kumbhakarna (some 610 m). The hill is called “Sleeping Buddha”. Those who have seen the Sleeping Buddha statue can easily relate it. And that’s why it’s called the Sacred Range.
Turning the camera further to the left (west of the Sleeping Buddha) suddenly the Three Sisters stood with their heads high in the middle of the clouds. Comolanzo (604 m), Makalu (6462 m), Everest (650 m), Lotse (7517 m), Cho Wu (7201) started from this side. Although Makalu and Komolanjo seem to be much larger than Everest at first glance, Everest is actually far behind these two mountains, so this illusion for distance.

I didn’t know I would get a view for quite a while, but I didn’t expect it to end in 15 minutes. Suddenly, clouds came up and covered Everest and the surrounding mountains. Then he covered the rest one by one, from west to east.
I came down at 6 o’clock and saw that everyone in the house was busy making breakfast. I sat in the kitchen for a while. Sonam Ji sat in this gap with today’s trek plan. Today we have to go to Falut, at an altitude of 3600 meters. From there Kanchenjunga is closer. Our guide gave us bad news while thinking about the view. There are a lot of ups and downs on this 20 kg trek, but sometimes there are 6 kg. This is a 20-kilometer trek and he climbs 800 meters in 8 kilometers. Again, there is no shop before 14 kg, which means non-stop.

Breakfast came in the middle of it. I finished eating with vegetables, leaves, pickles, and hot bread. After eating, I paid the bill, packed my bag, and left for Falut.
The total cost of breakfast is 260 rupees
Home-stay bed 400
The total cost is Rs
330 per person / 402 rupees

The weather has been quite comfortable since the beginning of today’s trek. The road is also quite comfortable. Sabarkum is our next break. Until then 14 kg of which 10 kg is descending. If the descending can be done properly then it is possible to go up to 4 kg per hour.


Lots of high and low big boulders on the trek road. It is very difficult to get down, there is a lot of pressure on the ankles and knees. So I took the dirt road. The dirt road we had been avoiding since day 2, for the joke. We approached for fear that the microscopic size joke would go somewhere. From then on, even though the dirt road was left out, today the weather is good, there are no raindrops, we went to the high and low roads of the village.


A little further on, I saw a village as beautiful as the picture. Field after field, Yak’s team roaming in the middle of the field. There are some pine trees standing in the space with occasional lightning. I heard that there is also a yak festival here. Some of the boards, gates of this year’s festival caught my eye. Preparations for the next year have also started which I understood.

It was difficult to get down the steep road. At one point it seemed, why the high road doesn’t come. It was very difficult for my knees to go down 10 kgs in a row. I stopped after 5 kgs and sat down for about 10 kgs. I got down from my neck and started raining lightly. Long before I left the raincoat, I pulled the cover of the bag, covered the bag, and took off the jacket. The mood is slowly getting worse. 4 kg ascend in front again.

I have always been a very slow tracker. Tawfiq is very strong again, it becomes a problem to take a break, he tracks well at a constant constant speed. I told him to move on without waiting for me. The moment went out of sight. There were whistles, 1 whistle, “Where are you”, 2 whistles “Save me” for emergencies.

At one stage of trekking upstairs, I was looking at the clock again and again and wondering when this 4 kg

The 400-meter ascent will end. After every 10 steps, I stopped for a while and took a rest. Although it may seem easy to climb this height, after a long trek adapted to this height, it is inhumane to cross this rocky or earthen step by lifting your feet a little 7/8 inches at a time. One foot after another, one minute after another, thus leaving the hour, the kilo, the foot after the foot.

I went to the village of Sabarkum. On the way, two dogs followed, and on the way to the trek, they stayed with Kilo for about a kilo. Since I was walking alone, it felt good to talk to the dogs. The trek becomes much easier if you can maintain the speed while talking rather than walking alone on the trek. The dogs seemed to understand that they were walking at the same time. Whenever Molly Forest Hat came into view, the two dogs left. Not the ghost story of radio merriment. Such are the dogs here. They know the nature of the locals, try hard to get attention, then leave again.

We arrived at Molly Forest Market at lunchtime but dropped out. Talking to another South Korean trekker there, he is also on his way, named Seung. Extremely shy people who don’t understand South Korean movies. We took out the dates and chocolates in the bag and shared it with 3 people. Siung had a banana and ate it too. I had a lot of fun eating Korean bananas. I talked for a while, then I saw around 2 o’clock. There is still 6 kg left, of which 2 kg is steep again. Ready to auction. For another 4 hours trek.

I was able to shorten the road to Sabarkum for several shortcuts. This time too I think there is no risk. In the last few days of the trek, I have never eaten these foods at home. Eating today seemed like nothing could be better. I don’t know any news of my mother’s trekking, but I took the responsibility of conveying this thanks to her, although I don’t know if the responsibility will be fulfilled. Mothers never say these things.

I don’t know if the date or chocolate biscuit was the work of a Culprit, we just ran. Short cut, long cut all kill, falut by four and a half. Although I got out of the last 2 kilos of Falut’s water like a fish “in a hurry”. Tawfiq and Sonam Ji had already arrived and stood for me. After I arrived, I went to Trekkers Market after doing some photo sessions.

I got a huge room with 5 beds. It will not take long for this happiness to turn into sorrow. This enormity will be tomorrow. Trekkers’ huts are like hostels. One bed in one room. The blankets are all there. But because the rooms are bigger than the home-stay, it’s a lot colder. After coming to the room and unloading the bag from the neck, no force of movement remains. Then I took off these shoes and then folded my hands and feet and took off my clothes. But if you can change everything and then go to rest, there is nothing better than this. As soon as the change was called for lunch, after seeing the soup noodles, he died wanting to eat, but as soon as he put it in his mouth, his hunger arose. As soon as he started chatting, he met the manager of the market and his others.

The total cost of lunch is 120 rupees
60 per person / 73 TK

Shortly after we arrived, the storm began to darken. This is the first time I have faced such a storm at such a high altitude. In the previous home-stay, there were lights in the rooms and toilets to have solar power. But I didn’t find anything here today except a candle. Maybe for the storm, maybe the solar power was not working. But in the darkness and the terrible sound of the storm, the soul is awakened from the cage. It was unfortunate to see the storm of ’91 in Chittagong. This storm seemed no less than that. Later I heard that it was not a storm, it was just rain, just a little wind. That seems to be the case for Altitude.

I didn’t notice when I fell asleep after lunch. At around 8 o’clock, Sonam Ji knocked on the door and broke the beetle. Dinner is ready, but getting out of the sleeping bag to eat seemed a lot harder than conquering the mountains. When I went to eat, I saw that the South Korean trekker, Seung, is also here with us. With Johnny, a British trekker. Talking to them, I realized how lax we are. The road that takes us 6 hours to cross is the road they have completed in 4/5 hours. And talking to them doesn’t seem to matter. A quick movement, energetic talk, we are a completely fallen tree.

I got it for dinner, there is rice, vegetables, pulses, and pickles. Everyone in this area drinks hot water because of the cold. I also played today, then I remembered their Rakshi. I told Johnny and Seung about Rakshi in a situation where I would be martyred due to body pain, they agreed. I took one liter for 150 rupees. Of course, we didn’t eat the whole thing. Think of tomorrow’s trek. We ate a little and left the rest for 3 guides.

The total cost of dinner is 360 rupees
190 per person / 232 rupees
(Excluding the cost of Rakshi here)

Rakshi’s light effect probably caught my eye as soon as I lay down. Tomorrow is the last part of our trek, thinking about the comfort of tomorrow, the body began to feel comfortable. The storm is still going on. There is only one candle in the room. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Today’s total cost is 402 + 83 + 232 = 707 TK (per person)

Statutory Warning: Dirty waste is harmful to the environment. Love the environment. Keep the environment pollution free without littering.


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