Scenic trip to Slovenia in blue freshwater.

Sitting on the shores of this lake, as far as the eye can see the breathtaking view of the blue fresh water, then when you return home, it seems like cable, and what else was needed in life. Whose money, whose pride, whose power, this nature will silently consume everything.





Travel to Slovenia:

Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe. Slovenia is considered the bridge between the east and west of Europe, as well as the heart of Europe. The Republic of Slovenia is a beautiful and orderly country, which attracts a lot of tourists every year.





The Slovenian guidebook will have a picture of a beautiful mountain lake on the cover, with snow-capped Alps on the horizon, emerald forests all around, the water of the azure lake in the middle of which there is an island of fairy tales! The only natural island in that country. There are no diamond flowers or pearls, but there is an architecture surrounded by tall heavenly trees. Where is this lake?






It is common to find a well-known attraction in a country’s capital on the cover of a guidebook, but Slovenia is different, not the capital, Ljubljana, in this case. The combination of natural scenery and occasional man-made architecture has created a perfect inspiration, making Lake Blade one of the most romantic lakes in the world.

Take the bus to Ljubljana, 55 kilometers from the town of Blade, a hill town of the same name located on the shores of the famous lake. From Lubliala Airport, Blade can be reached directly by microbus, which will save you time, effort, and money.






Blade is not an Ahamri big city, but because of the lake millions of tourists come there every year, tourism has developed by relying on them, it can be said that the number of hotels is no less than the number of residences.

Row upon row of special blade boats will be waiting to start the journey to the dreamland, can be boarded in a wooden boat from multiple places on the lake, but will bring it back to where it left off, not take it to another destination, an hour’s journey in all, half an hour green smoothie In the water, the rest of the time on the island.

A plane ticket from Dhaka to Ljubljana will cost around Rs. 90,000, depending on which company and when you are traveling. Three star hotel will cost around Rs. 6,000 for one day (2 people) It may be worth counting. Since I have left Italy, I could not give more information about how much money it would cost to leave Bangladesh.


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