Sea and mountains seen from parachutes.

We left Bogra at 8 o’clock the night before, the destination was Cox’s Bazar.
For good reason, nothing heavy was eaten that night and the next morning.
After a journey of about 18 hours, I checked in at the hotel in Cox’s Bazar at 2 pm!
Somehow freshened up, I finished my lunch and left for Darianagar.
Purpose ‘parasailing’
Parasailing is the act of hanging a person with a parachute, tying a rope with a speed boat moving in the sea and flying in the sky for about 5-6 minutes.





They have an arrangement for parasailing in Darianagar on Kalatali-Himchhari road in Cox’s Bazar organized by a private organization. I have heard that it can be done in Himchhari beach as well. So far 100% safe.





I got the serial as soon as I left.
‘The authorities will not be responsible for my death or any other accident’
As soon as the name is signed in this certificate,
Some workers put life jackets on me,
Two more hooked the carabiner of the parachute together.
Fear is ringing in the chest, the drum of unknown terror is ringing!
Although I have acrophobia,
Yet I am mentally preparing to fly in the hope of adventure.
The staff explained everything, nothing like that;
You need to walk or run fast at the time of starting,
And when the landing signal is given, you have to pull the rope tied with red ribbon,
Busy! That’s it!






The speed boat started moving, the rope was pulled,
At one point I discovered myself flying in the sky, Alhamdulillah!
There is nothing to be afraid of even if you fall into the water,
Life jacket on, and rescue boat downstairs, so no worries.
I have my mobile phone for video,
There were special arrangements, there was no fear of falling and getting wet if you fell.
It was hard to breathe in the strong wind,
The view around in the thick fog could not be enjoyed well,
The gusting wind was choking the ears,
True, looking down made my head spin, yet; That’s enjoyable!





Anyway, after flying for about 10 minutes, as soon as I heard the sound of the flute, I pulled the rope, soft landing in the beach in minutes …
Wish is fulfilled, life is beautiful!

Parasailing fee 1500 / – (Just fun, just fly),
2000 / – (Extra fan, touch the water, fly for a long time)
From Kalatali junction in Cox’s Bazar, you can take a local auto,
Rent per person is 15/20 rupees.
It’s better to call in advance,
It will be known whether the activities are on or not,
Serials can also be kept. Contact: 01783-598892


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