Shamsher Gazi’s Bamboo Fort Resort.

Shamser Gazir Bansher Kella Resort is located at Champaknagar village in Chagalnaiya Upazila, 6 km from Trunk Road in Feni district. One of the means of construction style and entertainment, this resort has now become quite popular among travel enthusiasts. The construction of everything inside and outside of it has the use of bass. There is also often a cultural event attraction here, the dance performances of the hill tribes from the neighboring state of Tripura.



The entrepreneur has tried to make it a kind of spectacle by constructing the entire tourist center on about 5 acres with many other materials of folk culture of rural Bengal. Rows of tall bamboo outside the bamboo resort. Only bamboo wall artwork on the walls and every piece of furniture made of bamboo. Outside the resort, there are also various artistic arrangements, the traditional hill house of Khagrachhari Hill District with bamboo scaffolding along with the open courtyard next to the outer garden. Any literary chat or free event can be organized there. The hill house resembles a beautiful stage. There are small benches in the small fruit orchards on the side, and on the other side, there are lovely boats with hand-rolled oars to take a walk in the water of the lake. At the entrance of the fort, you will see a sculpture with a drum, tabla, harmonium, and Ektara called ‘Ektan’.



There is a small shopping and tea and coffee stall in the style of Bengali rural areas and tribes. There is a picnic, barbecue facilities. There is also food made of bamboo. In the afternoon you will be able to take a boat trip on the Feni Muhuri river and see the Kaiyara Dighi as an added bonus.



Admission price
The entrance fee for non-residents will be only 20 TK.
How to go


Take a bus from Feni city to Chagalnaiya or take a rickshaw or go directly to Shamsher Gazi Bamboo Fort Resort in Laguna. You have to come to Dhaka-Chittagong highway and get off at Bariarhat. After crossing Kerhat Bazar via Ramgarh Road and going to Shubhpur Bazar, you can see this bamboo fort if you cross a narrow road about 3 km straight east. The fare for CNG autorickshaw from Bariarhat will be 40-50 TK. You can also go to Shamser Gazi’s Bamboo Fort Resort from Feni city via Chagalnaiya.


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