Shillong Journey.

Today I am Shillong. I wrote in yesterday’s article that we come to Shillong after 8:30 pm. Everyone is very tired. In the middle of the road, I suddenly felt sick and the car waited for a while. Everyone there is so civilized that there is nothing to exaggerate about them.


I reached Shillong at around 9 pm. The city is still very splendid. There were well-lit lights all around and a lot of tourists. It can be called a very clean city. No air pollution, no dirt. All in all, great.


We did not book the hotel in advance. Karthik Da and Fazbi stayed with us at a hotel. The name was Zara Residency Hotel. Room number 301. Good hotel. It’s next to the police plaza. Since it is very cold there, we stayed in a hotel with a geyser + wifi connection to the room. The room is quite big and we got up for 1500 rupees for two nights. Now that the number of tourists is less, the room has been found easily, but if it was later, it might not have been available so early. It took time. But then you had to book in advance.


I went to the room and ordered fresh food from the hotel because it was not possible for any of us to go down to eat with the tired body of the day. However, it is better not to eat from the hotel. Lots of prices and junk food. It is better to eat out with a little effort. At night we slept like we were dying. No one noticed. It’s just that we’ll be out by 8.30 in the morning. I set the alarm on the clock at 8 o’clock in the morning. I wished my grandfather a good night’s sleep.

We all got a fresh sleep. Of course, it can be understood by looking at the face. I went out to eat street food. Street food is available as soon as you leave the hotel. Assorted foods. We had breakfast with luchi, vegetables, eggs, and tea.


Then we got out of the car. The driver of today’s car was named Vijay. He is a Bengali and a local. He understands Bengali, Hindi, English. We will tour a total of 6-7 places. Our journey started towards Chera Punji ———–

1. Shora Point
2. Nohkalikai Falls
3. Eco Park
4. Mowsamai Caves
5. Seven Sisters Fall
. Elephant Fall
. The Cathedral Church of Mary Help of Christians

We returned to Shillong after seeing all the beauty spots. We went to the room, changed our dress with a 10-minute break, and went out again at 7 pm. We will eat street food for dinner so go out again. Then start eating. I ate street food and ate Domino’s pizza again. Dia started eating again. And that day was Diwali night in Shillong. Fireworks play around. The thing that I noticed is that the fireworks here are their joy. I was terrified when they celebrated with so many fireworks. However, shopping here is very expensive. Kolkata is the best place for shopping.

We ate and went back to the room around 10 pm to sleep. The next morning we have to go out with luggage at once because we have to cross the border at noon to see some other places left that day and back to Dhaka.


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