Shillong Travel Tourism.

This was the first international tour. Went with 5 people, no one had gone to Shillong before so there was a lot of study about the tour. Many tourism agencies have had to study Shillong tour events. Let me share some things, maybe new travelers will find it useful.






1. Try to reach Tamabil Border as early as possible in the morning. When we arrived at 9 am, we saw a long line. It is better to get there by 8:15 in the morning.

2. Everyone must have an umbrella on the Shillong tour. Raincoats are better
3. Breakfast must be taken before entering India (Tamabile). In the Dauki market, the price of a paratha is 20 rupees (we say 15 rupees).

4. Keep enough Bangladeshi money or rupee with you. It is better not to redeem the dollar.

5. The places that seem exceptionally beautiful are the Burhill fountain (known as Panthumai in Bangladesh), the Living Route Bridge. Every place in Cherrapunji is beautiful, but Echo Park and Seven Sister Falls must be mentioned separately.






. The last day of all tourism events is the city tour. On this day everyone walks around Cathedral Church, Medina Mosque, Lady Haider Park, Words Lake etc. But to us, the next day after visiting Cherrapunji, these places seemed very ordinary. Maybe it would have been better to see these places the day before the Cherrapunji tour. We were in Shillong for 2 nights and 3 days. I visited Dauki site on the first day, Cherrapunji on the second day and City on the third day. Everyone thought we could have gone to Sonengpedang in the morning without going around the city. So if you have less time on hand, you can skip the city part. its nothing exceptional (in my opinion)

. We did not see Shillong Peak. Not a foreigner there. We said we were Bangladeshis, so we couldn’t enter. Usually the driver shows his ID card and enters the car and takes his passenger. Neither our driver nor any of us knew that.

. The hotel depends on the cost. We went to a little peak time, it cost 600 rupees per night. The double bed was 1500 rupees per night and the triple bed was 2500 rupees per night.

9. We took a 6-seater car. The day we traveled to Cherrapunji cost us 2500 rupees. The cost of a 3-4 seater car will be 1500 to 2000 rupees.

10. On the way to Shillong from Dauki Border we went to Shillong to see Mawliong Village, Living Route Bridge, Umkrem, Burhill Fountain. There was a 6 seater car. That day he took 3600 rupees.

11. Must have power bank because I know why the hotel was not charging with our mobile charger.

12. The best hotel to eat Bangladeshi food at low cost. You will find it on the right hand side after a short walk along the road on the right side of Shillong Center Point.






13. Best “huge market” for shopping. If you go a little further from the elegant hotel, you will find it on the left hand side.

Nothing else comes to mind. If anyone has any questions you can. I will try to answer with my own little knowledge.

And you driver can go right from Bangladesh. +917641022862 You can contact this number on whats app. His name is Viru Singh, he is a very smart man, he knows Bengali, Hindi, English all languages. If you contact him in advance on whats app, he will take the car to Dauki border in time


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