Shillong Travel – Trip Plan.

Shillong, the capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya, is a very popular tourist destination. Located at an altitude of about 6,000 feet, Shillong city and its surroundings have many beautiful places to visit. Especially those who travel with their whole family at low cost can choose Shillong. Location of Meghalaya with Sylhet district of Bangladesh. The second highest rainfall in the world is in Cherrapunji, which belongs to the state of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is the ideal destination for those who love clouds, mountains, and waterfalls.



How to get there:


BRTC-Shyamoli bus: BRTC leaves Shyamoli from Dhaka every Thursday night and returns at 10 pm on Monday. This is the easiest way to go to Shillong. Car rental TK. 4,000 (return). Also, visa fee is 600 TK + service charge is 500 TK. At present, you can get a 1-6 month visa to India by depositing a total of TK 5,600 in Shyamoli. The advantage, in this case, is that you don’t have to take Etoken. However, it will take 5 working days to get the visa. Also, if you have a visa as a dauki, you can just buy a bus ticket. Remember that you have to pay 500 TK in travel tax, it is better to pay it from Sonali Bank before leaving.




01749936545 (Shyamoli Kamalapur International Terminal)

Alternative method: If you do not feel comfortable on the Shyamoli route, or do not have time with you, then you can go differently on your own. Take a night bus from Dhaka to Sylhet (fare non-AC 480 TK AC 1200 TK) In the morning get off Sylhet and rent CNG or car and go to Tamabil. Cross the border and rent a car for Shillong. Large taxis can cost from TK 3,000 to TK 3,200. You can also take a small taxi cab if the number is less.

Visa: All Indian visa documents (National ID, Bank Statement / Dollar Endorsement / Photocopy of Credit Card, Letter of Introduction, etc.) are required. And select the Port of Entry-Exit Dauki. See for details.

When to go:


You can go to Meghalaya all year round. However, you can avoid the time of worship. There is a lot of crowd at that time. And take adequate preparation to go during the rainy season, such as taking a raincoat, umbrella, etc. Because there is a lot of rainfall in Cherrapunchi. You can also avoid the December-January period if you have young children. Because then the temperature is 3-10 degrees, but the snow does not fall.


Where will you stay?

There are many hotels near the police market in Meghalaya. Rent 500-2000 TK. Search and read.

Here are some hotel names and phone numbers (useful when filling out a visa form):


Hotel Blue Mount Nx1
MawdiangdiangNear NEIGRIHMS Hospital
Shillong – 793018
Contact No. +918259062502 | +919856689450
Hotel Eden Residency, Police Bazaar
Sameer 8794802541


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