Shimul garden trip cost and how to go.

Last season I went on a trip to this largest Shimul Bagan in Bangladesh located at Badaghat in Sunamganj. Then the flowers of the garden began to fall! Even then, if you look at the pictures, you can understand how beautiful the red carpet is!




When the flowers come to the Shimul garden (Falgun-Chaitra) the amount of water in the river flowing next to it is small! Then the Shimul garden blossoming on the colorful canvas next to the desert-like magical river looks like a dreamland blossoming in a reddish hue !! After coming to the garden, you are freed from the hundreds of hardships of the world and are fascinated by the flowers of Shimul
You will be overwhelmed by the infinite mercy of the great creator in softness …
Lemon trees have been planted between two trees in this Shimul garden of 100 bighas!

Former chairman of Tahirpur of Sunamganj Joynal Abedin built this Shimul garden of more than 30 acres. Talking to the son of current upazila chairman Joynal Abedin, it was learned that his father was a great nature lover and amateur ..! Another amazing creation of his is the Hijal garden next to Tanguar Haor!





The feature of the garden of 30 acres and more is that the garden is square and the trees are planted in a square way. The specialty of the 30 acre square shaped garden is that you can see rows of parallel trees from right to left, front to back and even corners. There are bush-shaped lemon trees in the middle of the garden Shimul tree! A huge quantity of cotton is obtained from the garden every year.




** Flowers have already started coming in the garden, the garden will be full in 10 to 15 days and there will be some flowers in the whole month of February inshaAllah ….

Title ঃ Extensively decorated soft shimul shamiana …

Location: Manigaon (Badaghat), Tahirpur, Sunamganj.

Railways :: 1. (Parabat Express): Closing day> (Tuesday)
Dhaka> Sylhet:
Departs> (6.30am), arrives> (1.45pm) ..
Sylhet> Dhaka:
Departs> (3.00 pm), arrives> (9.45 pm) ..
Rent :: Shovon (Rs. 320), 1st class (Rs. 425) …




2. (Kalni Express):
Dhaka> Sylhet: Closing Day> (Friday)
Departure> (4.00 pm), Arrive> (10.45 pm) ..
Sylhet> Dhaka:
Departure> (6.00 am), Arrive> (1.25 pm) ..
Rent :: Shovon (Rs. 320), 1st class (Rs. 425) …





3. (Jayantika Express):
Dhaka> Sylhet: (Not closed)
Departure> (12.00 pm), Arrive> (8.50 pm)
Sylhet> Dhaka: Closing Day> (Thursday)
Departure> (8.20 am), Arrive> (4.00 pm) ..
Rent :: Shovon (Rs. 320), 1st class (Rs. 425)

4. (Upban Express):
Dhaka> Sylhet: Closing day> (Wednesday)
Departs> (9.50pm), arrives> (5.10am) ..
Sylhet> Dhaka: (not closed) …
Departs> (at 10.00 pm), arrives> (5.15 am) ..
Rent :: 1st class (Rs. 425), cabin (Rs. 690) …





> Train_tickets_to_kill

Road :: There are buses from Dhaka to Sylhet shortly after. Green Line, Sohag Paribahan, ENA, Unique, Hanif, Shyamoli etc. (AC / Non AC) buses travel to Sylhet.
Rent from 450 to 1100 rupees! … If you want to go directly from Dhaka to Sunamganj, there are Hanif, Shyamoli, ENA buses from Sayedabad. Rent 550 rupees.

After coming to Sylhet, you have to come to Sunamganj by bus from Kumargaon bus stand. Rent 60 rupees, it will take 2 hours. You have to go down to Sunamganj and rent a bike from Abdus Zahur Bridge, the driver will take you to Shimul Bagan. 30 km: At the end of the road, there will be passenger crossing with engine driven boat (fare 5 taka) and bike. However, it would be better to cross the average boat wharf of Lau, because this wharf is just opposite to Shimul Bagan! In this case, the garden after a short walk across the boat!
Bikes will be rented for 200 rupees. Two people can sit.

Other_sights_of_sights Apart from this Shimul garden in Tahirpur, Barik Tila, Shaheed Siraj Lake, Tanguar Haor are great destinations to visit!

Overnight :: (1) There is a hotel called Mecca Tower at Bada Ghat!
(2) Hotel Noor (East Bazar), Hotel Mizan in Sunamganj,
Hotel Serpinia, Surma Valley Residential Resort etc. have good quality accommodation. Rent from 250 to 1000 rupees.


(1) Five Brothers Hotel: Located in Zinda Bazar, Sylhet. Hotel is unique in one word for all kinds of Bengali food ..! Several types of fried, mashed, fish, beef special items are all available! Quail bird, pigeon, pigeon meat is available in this hotel, the taste of quail meat is great! The price is also relatively low. There is no shortage of crowds here from dawn to dusk.

(2) On the other side of Shimul Bagan, there are a few food hotels in Lau on average, among them Qadir’s hotel is well known! Besides
There is a food hotel in Badaghat



**************N.B – Rupees Will be Taka **************


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