Shitalpur Lake.

Lack of location is putting more pressure on the old locations. So I am looking for a new destination. There will be a request to think about the environment. Please do not leave anything untouched.



Shitalpur Lake




I ended here in 2015. The picture is also of that time. A lake in the middle of the mountains. If you look closely at the right bank, you will see that the local Tripuras have built a platform. They zoomed in here. A steel company is using the dam to produce water rods. Or it can be said that the creation of this lake is due to the accumulation of rain water and rhyme water as a result of giving dam. Paubo has made Mahamaya, Nilambar (Bawachhara), Sahasradhara for the convenience of farmers. But at least four more lakes like this have been created for commercial needs. I will write about that in the future.




B: Note: Those who have more oil can trek this way and get out through Hathazari through the back of Chittagong University. However, there is no axle or trail in this way, it has to be done. And if you trek on the left side, you will come out through Alampur Tea Garden. This route has trails.





How to get there: Sitakunda by bus or train from Dhaka. From there you have to go to Shitalpur. Specifically, Chowdhury has to go down to Ghata. Then walk a kilo to the east of the hill. A 30-minute trek across the Tripura Para within the mountains.




There was a request again not to leave garbage. Trek silently. Respect the indigenous people. Don’t go down the lake. Do not damage the zoom crop.


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