Sikkim, Gangtok.

Sikkim, Gangtok, for Bangladeshis which is a long time dream and desire. The announcement to make the entry formalities much easier has already come a long time ago.
Many of them have taken the permit in the middle of which we have seen more or less his picture online for good.





We have been working since the beginning of that announcement. As a result, the plan to go to Sikkim from the middle of the month of February to the end of February 2019 is already complete ….
In our first event we will go with a small group (no more than 6 or 16 people) …..





# Cost: — Approximately 18,000 / – to 20,000 / – per person in Bangladeshi rupees.
(Excluding Visa Fee, Sikkim Permission Fee, Travel Tax and Border Expenses, which are not included)
Anyone can contact if they want … because we have to submit the paperwork together as a group …




Keep an eye on our pages and group walls.

You can call for any tour related needs ….
Sumon – 01537 203 743
Monty – 01537 537 461
Poppy – 01537 298 293
Pia – 01819 432 316


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