Sky-Sea Reunion (Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s Tour).

The way I went and where the expenses (per capita) were, I gave them all sequentially …
*** 9 December 2017 ***
# Journey: From Dhaka Fakirapul by bus “Hanif Paribahan” (#Hanifparibahan) we left for Teknaf at 6 pm with 10 friends. (Bus ticket – Rs. 900, T-shirt – Rs. 300; Total – Rs. 1200)
*** 10 December 2017 ***
*** Cox’s Bazar ***
#Teknaf: At 8 am we reach Teknaf’s “Carey Ghat” (#KeariSindbad). The ship was closed due to the warning signal number 3 at sea that day. We had already planned to go from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s. Since we are not going to St. Martin, we all decided to go to Cox’s Bazar first and then if the weather is fine and the warning signal is lifted then we will go to St. Martin. So without any delay, after breakfast at Kerry Ghat, I went to Cox’s Bazar by “direct special” transport. (Cost: Breakfast – Rs. 50, bus fare – Rs. 160; Total – Rs. 230)





# Cox’s Bazar: Arriving at Cox’s Bazar, it is 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Sending the two of them to find a hotel, we wandered around a few beaches. When they confirmed the hotel and informed us, we went to the hotel.

#Hotel_coxbazar: We don’t rent a flat at Rs 3,500 (for 2 days) in an apartment called “Protik Jinia” in Beach Way Hotel Goli near Kalatli Beach. 3 room flat, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, one room AC, in a word, great for 10 of us. However, if I did a little bargaining, I would get 1500 rupees per day, which means I would get 3000 rupees for two days (cost: 350 rupees for hotel rent).





#Samudre_Gosal: The low tide starts at 2 in the sea. Then it is risky to bathe in the sea, and after 2 o’clock he does not even go down to bathe in the sea. So we went to Sugandha Beach within 1 hour without delay. Ten people jumped into the sea together. After a while, everyone started to merge with the waves of the sea. I took a photographer. While bathing in the sea, one by one, I took many pictures in the group. We took a total of 360 pictures. For this we had to pay 600 rupees to the photographer. (Cost: Rs. 60 per person for photo)

(Note: If you want to take a bath in the sea, you must go before 2 o’clock. After 2 o’clock, the tide starts to flow fast. Then the sea water starts to go down fast, so there is a risk of floating in the current and it is not fun to go for a bath. It is better not to carry money and other equipment as there is no safety place to keep them on the beach. Before taking pictures with beach photographers, they will ask for Rs. 5. They will agree to pay Rs. 2.5-3 for taking pictures after taking pictures. First select the pictures in the photographer’s camera, which ones you like and delete the rest, because they snap a picture 3/4 times, which demands a lot of money. Remember, select and delete the picture only once while selecting it. Does not give.)




#Chader_car_ rent: After bathing in the sea, everyone is ready to return to the hotel in half an hour. We decided to go to “Inani Beach” (#InaniBeach) after lunch. Chad’s car and auto rental are available to get to Inani Beach on Main Road at the head of Sugandha Beach. We hired a Chad car reserve for Rs 1,200. Which will take us to Inani Beach and bring it. (Cost per person: Rs. 120)

# Lunch_food: When the car rental hassle is over, we go to the food hotel in that car. There are two popular food hotels in Cox’s Bazar. One is “Shalik” and the other is “Poushi”. After #Shalik_Restara on the way to Inani Beach. We have lunch at Shalik Restaurant. Food items: rice,
2 plates of mashed potatoes (one plate for 5 g enaf), 2 bowls of pulses, beef (2 tbsp) Rating 7.5 / 10. We didn’t have any fish items because we decided to go to St. Martin and eat fish. And the price of fish is also higher in Cox’s Bazar. Our total cost is 1100 rupees (cost per person: 110 rupees)





#Marine_drive: The beach has gone a long way behind the beach. Marine Drive. The feeling of driving on this road is also different. The car is moving, next to the beach. The sea overlooks the beach. The sea waves are crashing on the beach. The sun is sinking too. The roar of the sea. On either side of the road are small and large restaurants, army camps, betel nuts and drinking gardens. All in all, the back road of Merid Drive is as wonderful as the long sea-beach of the sea.

#Inani_beach: It takes us 4:30 hours to reach Inani Beach by Marine Drive. I have been fascinated by everything I have seen since I went to Cox’s Bazar. I was also impressed to see Inani Beach. I took sandals in my hand and walked along the beach in the sea water. After a while the waves of the sea come and soak my feet repeatedly in the cold water and I go back to my fantasy. Here too the photographer is giggling. A photographer did just that. I took some pictures with him. I also took some pictures of nature with my phone camera. After a while the sunset began. Weather wasn’t good, so the sunset didn’t look like mind. A little sun covers the clouds again. I got down on my knees and saw the sun hiding. Dabs are sold on one side of the beach. We all ate 10 dabs for 45 rupees. (Cost: Picture-60 rupees, dub-45 rupees; Total-115 rupees)











#Shopping: On the way back from Inani Beach, it is 7 pm. For some shopping, we all went to the market at Laboni Point next to the beach. Many people buy a lot of things. I just bought pickles for a few items. (Cost: Rs. 50)

# Dinner_meat: We eat dinner

Everyone goes to the “Poushi” restaurant. Auto (auto-rickshaw) is available for rent from Laboni Point for 10-15 rupees. We go to the “Poushi” restaurant in two cars with 40 rupees in reserve. The dinner was over as we were late to go. In Poushi too we did not have 2 items of filling and took pulses. But it didn’t feel good like Shalik. It may also be due to being late. Rating 8/10. (Cost: Rs. 95)
*** 11 December 2017 ***
I could not see the sunrise because the weather was bad. Moreover, our tour of Cox’s Bazar ended yesterday. I thought I would leave for St. Martin today and stay there for two days. We had to spend another day in Cox’s Bazar as the weather was not right. I decided to go to Maheshkhali and visit Adinath’s temple and hills. Many of the team did not agree to go, so I camped in Cox’s Bazar on a lazy day. After breakfast some people went to the swimming pool to swim. We toured a few Kalatali Beach, Sugandha Beach, Laboni Point Zhaoban. I rented 3 beach chairs at Laboni Beach for 20 rupees per hour. While looking at the sea, I felt someone turning his hand on my head. I looked and saw a little girl massaging her head. After saying a lot, he did not leave, so I finally agreed and said, “OK, I will pay 20 rupees.” I was fascinated by the massage of the baby’s head. The rough waves of the sea, the cool breeze that made the body shiver, the little majas all had a good time for an hour. Then they went to the swimming pool.

Everyone’s stomach was full. After having a light meal in the afternoon, many said they would go to the Burmese market to shop. I don’t like walking around the market. So the three of us and I returned to the hotel. Others went to the market. BPL game was going on. I watched the game. After shopping everyone came at night. We went to Shali again for dinner. I bought the same item. But today I bought 2 plates of vegetables (night item vegetables) instead of mash. Rating 8/10. (Cost: Breakfast – 50 rupees; chair rent, massage, chips – 60 rupees; afternoon tea – 20 rupees; dinner – 110 rupees; total – 250 rupees)
*** 12 December 2017 ***
*** Saint Martin ***
#Coxbazar_to_teknaf: There are several tour agents in Cox’s Bazar who take passengers to St. Martin’s from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf Shipyard. The night before, we had booked tickets for 10 people at Rs 150 for Rs 1,500. At 8:30 in the morning we took the tourist bus to Teknaf Carey Ghat. (Cost: Rs. 150)

#Kairi_Ghat: We reach Kerry Ghat at 7.30 am. I took the ticket of Carey Sindbad Ship from their Dhaka office. So there was no problem with the ticket. I get off the bus and report to the counter. Due to lack of time, I boarded the ship directly from Kerry Ghat with my breakfast parcel. The ship left the wharf at 9:30 a.m. for St. Martin’s. (Ship ticket – Rs. 550, breakfast – 1 parata, half egg – Rs. 25; total – Rs. 565)

#Ship_travel: We took the main deck of the ship. Main deck rent is the lowest. Only 550 rupees. The ship also has open deck, AC deck. Their rent is a little higher. However, taking the main deck is fun, but like the open deck. Shortly after leaving the shipyard, everyone left the deck and moved to the corridor and railing. Hundreds of sea gulls flew over the ship before it entered the sea through the Naf River. Passengers threw chips and biscuits and grabbed them. This scene of Gangchil grabbing food by the lips is also wonderful. Mike was announced on the ship along with the furniture at the mouth of the river and the sea. Even if there is a scene to watch, Mike is told from the ship what is it? Myanmar on one side of the sea, Bangladesh on the other. Anyone will be delighted to see the enchanting view of the mountains and forests in the lap of the sea from the ship.

# St.Martin: We arrive in St.Martin at 12 noon. Three of us go to the hotel to confirm. The rest of us are all waiting in the market. At this time many people start requesting us to take their hotel. Within half an hour, the three came to the hotel to confirm.

# St.Martin_Hotel: In St.Martin we took two rooms at the “Dream Luxury” resort next to the market. The rent was 1300 rupees. There was a little too much on the market side. If you took a hotel further inside, you could get less. There is a resort called “Blue Border” just inside the garden house. Van rent from the market is 15-20 rupees. Half building resort, but beautiful. It was agreed to give 2 rooms atast bath, three beds for only 600 rupees. The home environment, the house filled with coconut trees, the roar of the sea could be heard all the time, barbecues and food facilities were available. However, we could not take the resort as some of our team members did not like it. But personally I liked it. Best resort for low cost accommodation. (Cost: Rs. 130)
Note: If you want to rent a hotel in St. Martin like Cox’s Bazar, you have to pay a lot. If necessary, you have to cheat. Keep in mind that hotel and resort rents are much lower until December 15th. You can get a room for 4 people for 800-1000 rupees.

# Lunch_food: Fresh lunch at the hotel “Noakhali Restaurant”. Items mashed, pulses, fish. Food like hotel room also has to be very expensive. (Cost: rice – Rs. 30, pulses – Rs. 10, mash – Rs. 10, tuna fish fry – Rs. 40; total – Rs. 90)

# St.Martin_Ghoraghuri: After the meal, everyone went out to tour the beach by bicycle. But I walked around the beach. Once I took a bicycle for 40 rupees per hour. After driving for a while, I got annoyed and returned it with a fine of 20 rupees. Well of the sea

The fun of walking along the law and seeing the beach is different. I watched the sunset while walking to see the beach. At one point I reached in front of Humayun Sir’s “Sea Luxury”. I entered the gate. The resort is undergoing renovations. I turned around in the dark and went out. And I went a little further and had tea in a shop next to the beach. Nearby, there are small shops selling hot fish and crab fries. Many are choosing fish, shopkeepers are frying them. I looked at the tea as far as the eye could see.

# Dinner_meat: I ate parata, egg fry, roasted crab as I was not very hungry at night. However, I ate eggplant and parata. Crab frying or roasting was 120 rupees. (Cost: 2 paratas – Rs. 20, dimvaji – Rs. 30; total – Rs. 50)

# Shopping: After dinner, many people bought dried fruits for home. St. Martin’s Best for buying dried fruit. I didn’t buy anything …

*** 13 December 2017 ****
# Sunrise: To see the sunrise, you have to go to the beach of Ghat (where you got off the ship) by 8 am. When you go to see the sunrise, you can see some wonderful scenes. Trawlers floating in the sea all night can be crowded at that time. Fishermen unload fish from trawlers. All the fish from small to huge. Who would be surprised to see the first eye-sized fish of life! I walked around the beach for a while and had breakfast. (Cost: Parata – Rs. 20, Fried Eggs – Rs. 30; Total – Rs. 50)

# Chheradwip: After checking out from the hotel and leaving the bags at the hotel counter, we set off for Chheradwip. From St. Martin’s Wharf there is a speedboat and a lifeboat. Many people go to Chheradwip by bicycle along the beach. We will return to Teknaf by return ship on the same day so we did not take any risk with the bicycle. I rented a lifeboat from the ghat for 200 rupees and went to Chheradwip. Speedboat rent 300 rupees. It took us about 25 minutes to get to Chhera Island by lifeboat. Speedboat takes 10-15 minutes.
Arriving at Chheradwip, I found a coconut shop and everyone ate coconut. Each dab costs 50 rupees. If you go to St. Martin, if you don’t go to Chheradwip, it is useless to go to St. Martin. Because Chheradwip travel gives fullness to the beauty of St. Martin. I was so surprised that I decided to go all over Chheradwip and camp if I ever went again. If you take a bicycle, you will have trouble seeing the whole island. So I think if you want to see the whole of Chheradwip, it is better to look at it on foot. There is a rock called seasonal rock in Chhera Island. Where the heroine came to shoot the seasonal photo and wrote her name on the stone. (Cost: Rs. 250)

#Teknaf_and_dhaka_back: I had lunch after returning from Chheradwip. I took my bag from the hotel counter and got on the ship that was docked. At exactly 3 o’clock the ship left Teknaf’s purpose. I said goodbye to St. Martin after staring at the deck window for a while. It was past 5 pm when we reached Teknaf. Bus tickets were booked in advance. After a while the bus left. After a wonderful four-day tour, we all headed back to the busy city. (Cost: Bus fare – Rs. 900)
**** My total cost ****
From 9th December to 13th December 2017
Total cost of tour: Rs.
And some hobbies have gone hand in hand.
**** Some important information and tips ****
>> Take with student ID card, NID card.
>> If you want to stay in Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin at low cost, plan a tour by December 15. At this time hotel rent for 4-5 people is available between 800-1000. After December 15, when the tourist season started, the rent of the hotels increased.
>> When renting a hotel, do the bargaining and, if necessary, do the final level.
>> Beach before taking pictures by Beach photographers in Cox’s Bazar. Not just a beach photographer, but a local vehicle.
>> If you go in a team of 8-10 people, the cost will be less. However, if you are in the middle of the team, you have to have the mentality of being combined and eating. This greatly reduces the cost. Like we ate an eggplant for 2 people. I ate a plate of mashed 5 people.
>> Not just Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin will take care of everything.
>> If you go with the team, you must have the mentality to be sanctified. Keep in mind that a little tweaking with the team member on the tour can ruin the joy of the tour by increasing the cost of the tour.
>> Do not pollute the environment by throwing garbage around. It pollutes our natural environment as well as our natural beauty.
***** Hotel / Bus / Ship Information *****
# Hanif_Transport:
Dhaka Counter (Fakirapul) – 01713201729
Cox’s Bazar counter: 01713402635
Teknaf Counter: 017303776365
Dhaka Office: 01817148735
Cox’s Bazar Office: 018172104215
Teknaf Office: 01819379083
The symbol is Xenia
Rifat Bhai- 01836046043
# St.Martin_Hotel:
Dream luxury
Alamgir Vhai- 01905062237; 01905062237

Blue border (if you want to stay low cost)
Phone number: 01859397005

**********Rupees Will Be taka **************


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