Some caution.

1. Those who want to go to Bhutan or Nepal on an Indian transit visa must fill in the “previous nationality” box of their parents. Although it is not a “mandatory option”, it must be met or unnecessarily inconvenienced.

2. In case of transit visa, you must fill the online form ( one day in advance. If it is taken in the morning, there is a problem with the server, there is no data update. Will keep you sitting for a long time. ** 5 days from the date of completion of this online form. **





3. Those who have more than one passport must check all the information in the two passports such as; Spelling of father’s name, spelling of mother’s name, date and place of one’s birth. If you make a mistake, first correct it from the passport office and then submit it for visa. If there is a mistake, the passport will not be submitted under any circumstances.






4. “Expected date of arrival” will be the day after the date of departure from Bangladesh. That means the day you reach India. For Example; If you bought a bus ticket on the night of the 15th, then your “Expected date of arrival” will be the 18th.






5. If they return you and you have to come the next day, you will have to pay a new visa processing fee of Rs. 600 / – again.

6. Do not let the bag in so do not take the bag. Take the necessary things in the file.

7. Port of Entry & Exit will be both Chengrabanda / Jaygaon for Bhutan and Chengrabanda / Ranigonj for Nepal.

From my experience it takes all the necessary paperwork to get a transit visa;

1. MRP passport.

2. If it is old, you must add it and take it away, otherwise it will not be deposited.

3. 2 copies of “2by2” image.

4. Printed copy of the form filled online.

5. 3 photocopies of passport (MRP only).

. Photocopy of birth certificate or national ID card. (Both if possible) or with which the passport has been issued.

. Original copy and photocopy of bank statement or endorsement.

. Original copy and photocopy of the ticket. (With return of course).

9. Note Photocopy of ID card if student. Original copy of NOC (No Objection Certificate) and visiting card if employed. If a trader, photocopy and original copy of trade license and original copy of visiting card.

10. Copy of father’s visiting card if student. (if possible)





11. Original copy of utility bill Bong photocopy. (Of course not 3 months old).

12. Confirmation of hotel booking when applying from CTG. (DHK doesn’t take it).

I would be happy if it comes to someone’s work, many people get into a lot of trouble due to lack of accurate information. So this kind of problem can be easily avoided if the light is a little careful. Thanks.


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