Some information about Bhutan travel.

I have read a lot about Bhutan in many TOB posts, and I have read a little more because I have been thinking of going to Bhutan for a long time. Once I tried to go abroad but I did not get a visa, so this time I bought an air ticket.
Druk Air’s office on the sixth floor of the Sonartari Tower, and I found it from a TOB post. Fifteen days before I left, I bought a ticket for Rs. 24,500. My ticket was at 3 pm on 24-5-2019, there was no morning ticket, tickets from Druk air office at the end of the month in the afternoon but I will leave now so I bought the ticket after Friday on 24-5-2019 (Saturday; Sunday .. Thimpu permission office is closed for two days). The return ticket was on 29-5-2019. I wanted to go to Phobjikha, but I will not get permission to go to Punakha Phobjikha before 26th (Monday), so the time was a little short.






First day
Arrived at the airport at 12 o’clock on the 24th, finished immigration, and waited to get on the plane. I got on the plane at 2.45 am, took off at 3 am, and my long-cherished wish was coming true. 4.10 am: I arrived in Bhutan, 4.30 am to get out after immigration. I went out and thought that since permission would not be obtained before the 28th, so I took a good look around Paro from Paro. There are more taxis outside the airport, so after a short walk, I got a shared taxi outside the gate to go to Paro city for 40 rupees per person. Getting down at the taxi stand to find a hotel is a lot of speed because they have the season there, there are a lot of tourists. I needed a room for two days on the 24th and 25th but I got a room on the 24th and got up on the scaffolding for 1500 rupees. It was 5.45 then. I left the hotel in the evening with some rest. I walked around a bit and got a room in another hotel for the 25th, then after walking and eating after getting free of tension and looking for a taxi to return to the hotel, on the 25th I took a taxi back to the hotel to visit Paro.





The second day (25-5-2019) ……..
I had breakfast before 9 o’clock in the morning. The driver also left on time as per the instructions. After checking out the hotel with my bag, I went to Chelelapas first. Paro to Chelela Pass Ankabaka hill road, you will reach Chelelaps while enjoying the beauty of this road up the hill, no one will be disappointed. Reaching the height of 3988 Mtrs. . And you have read a lot of TOB articles about the beauty of this Chelelapas, so I did not go there again. From Chelela to Paro City, after giving the driver a short break for lunch, I got up at the new hotel (Rs. . Since I wouldn’t go upstairs, I looked around. And if you want to go upstairs, you can go around the Taksang Lakhang temple at 10,240 feet with a stick scaffolding for Rs 50. You have to pay Rs 500 for a ticket to enter the temple. Then I went to see Jung, there is an entry fee of 300 rupees. Finally, I returned to Paro City and arranged for a taxi driver for Thimpu the next day and paid today’s fare of 2500 rupees. Paro town is small but quiet and beautifully arranged, I saw it on foot, walked along the river for a while and returned to the hotel and had dinner with white rice, eggs and chicken at the hotel restaurant.





The third day (26-5-2019) …….
After having breakfast at the hotel around 10 am, I left the hotel and went out to Paro for Thimphu, the driver of the previous day. He was supposed to come at 9.30 am, but his friend’s wife and Thimphu will go, so he wants to take him to the front seat, and for that, he has to pay Rs 250 less than the scaffolding or if he wants to turn the Buddha point around, he has to pay Rs 1000. Arriving in Thimphu, I bought a hotel near the Clock Tower (Rs. 2000), I chose the room because I could see the Clock Tower through the window. Then the driver took Buddha point. After spending a lot of time there, the driver dropped the spear at the Thimpu Local market. When the driver dropped me off at the local market, I paid him 1000 rupees for the day’s fare and asked him to come for Phobjikha within 9 o’clock the next day. Then I went around the local market and had a light breakfast. As we walked around the city of Thimpu, we sat for a while in the front row of the clock tower, then returned to the hotel in the evening, ate at the hotel restaurant, and then in the room.




Day 4 (27-5-2019) …..




I had breakfast before 9 am and got ready. At 9 am, the driver actually checked out the hotel for the permission of the permission office Punakha & Phobjikha. I went to 11 tabs to get permission. I went straight to Phobjikha with permission, I didn’t delay anywhere on the way because I will take a good look around Phobjikha. The beauty of the road from Thimpu to Phobjikha will fill my mind. I have ever felt that I have reached the top of the hill and after taking a bend, I seem to have reached the belly of another hill. I reached Phobjikha at 3 pm I ate lunch with white rice, eggs, and pulses, the cooking was very good and then I ate a hot chocolate which was also very good. The windows on both sides of the room showed the mountains and the valley, so I liked the room very much. After a short rest, I went out to see the valley. The winding path of the valley, the clouds flying through the mountains, the variety of mountain flowers, the rows of big trees on the hill as well as the freezing cold air that fills the mind in an instant.

Dil. It is not possible to capture this beauty in the picture, yet I tried it occasionally. In a very short time, I fell in love with this Valley. I was walking aimlessly along the road, just then the drizzle started. This rain increased the beauty of the surroundings a few times with the cold and I also said in my mind that I will come here again during the snow, now that it is so beautiful then that beauty is unimaginable and I have to see it. It was nice to walk in the pouring rain, I started walking towards the hotel in the evening, it was very cold so I went back to the hotel and had coffee and french fries. Went to the dining room at 8 o’clock, told to eat late at night and the food went in a special way to keep it warm. Turn on the room heater, eat, and sleep comfortably.

Fifth day (25-5-2019) ………
After breakfast, I left Phobjikha at 9.30 am to go to Paro. On the way, I went to Punakha town. Punakha Jung, (entry fee Rs. 300), on the way back after seeing the river, I saw Dochala Pass and reached Paro at 5 pm. I got up at the previous City Hotel which I had already booked for the 26th. I paid the driver Rs. I ate dinner quickly and fell asleep because of the return flight the next day.

Sixth day (29-5-2019) …..
After breakfast at 6.45 am, I checked out at the hotel (Rs. 1500) and left for the airport. I paid Rs 300 for the scaffolding from the hotel to the airport. Flight at 10.30 am, I finished immigration and sat down, I got on the plane 10 minutes ahead of time and reached Bangladesh in 1 hour 10 minutes and with that my dream Bhutan tour came to an end.
*** I did not write the cost of food because it is like everyone else.
*** Always carry a jacket with you when traveling to Bhutan
*** The people of Bhutan are very friendly, so get along well with them.
*** When you go out, throw garbage in a certain place. Maintain clean cleanliness



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