Some information on “Hanging Bridge” Rangamati trip.

♦ First of all, if you go to see the hanging bridge, you must take time with you.
The beauty here is so much that you don’t want to come.
 The main attraction of Rangamati town is the hanging bridge. Usually, no one comes back to Rangamati without seeing this hanging bridge.
It takes a while to get to the end here.
 This 335 feet long bridge at the end of Rangamati town on the part of Kaptai Lake is the most attractive spot for tourists.
♦ This bridge is called ‘Symbol of Rangamati’. This eye-catching multicolored suspension bridge builds a cordial relationship between two isolated hills.
 The tremors created while crossing the bridge will bring you a different inspiration.
 Standing here, you can see the beautiful view of Kaptai Lake.
 You are bound to be fascinated by the beauty of Kaptai Lake.
There are tribal villages on the other side.
If you want, you can see the decaying movies of tribal life.
 If you want to see it, you have to pay five rupees to the tourism corporation.
♦ There are also many materials to spend time here.
There are auditoriums, parks, picnic spots, speed boats and domestic boats.





When to go and what to see =
You can visit the Hanging Bridge any time of the year.
♦ Winter is the best time to visit Rangamati, a hill and forest town.
 During the rainy season, the bridge is submerged for a long time.
You can come to see the bridge at any time of the year.
♦ However, when it rains heavily in the rainy season, water often rises on the hanging bridge.
 Do not go over the hanging bridge at that time.
♦ So if you go in the rain, you will find it before. Usually before winter and in winter, tourists go to visit the hanging bridge.
 If you go to Rangamati, there are not only hanging bridges but also other places of interest that you can visit together on the same day.
 If you reserve a trawler for the whole day, you can visit some other places of interest including Hanging Bridge, Shuvlong Jharna, Rajban Bihar, Lake Travel.
♦ Reserve a trawler / boat by planning what you will see.







How to go =
There are many buses from Dhaka to Rangamati.
You can come by bus as per your choice.
 There are numerous bus counters from Dhaka to Fakirapul junction in Dhaka and Rangamati to Saidabad.
 These buses usually leave Dhaka for Rangamati between 8am to 9am and 8:30 pm to 11pm.
ু Dhaka to Rangamati Shyamoli AC bus fare is 900 rupees per seat, BRTC AC bus fare is 600 rupees.
♦ In addition, the fare of all non-AC buses is between 700 to 800 rupees.
♦ Local and Gatelock / Direct buses of various modes of transport from Chittagong to Rangamati are available from Oxygen Junction in Chittagong city.
 Even if the fare is a little higher, you should get on the gatelock or direct bus.
♦ You can get Rangamati direct bus from Chittagong within 150 TK.
 You can also get a bus to Rangamati from Bahaddarhat bus terminal in Chittagong.
 You can get off at Tabalchhari in Rangamati town and go directly to the hanging bridge by autorickshaw or CNG.
 CNG fare from Hanging Bridge from Tabalchhari is 50 to 60 TK.
♦ CNG fare from Banarupa of Rangamati is 120 TK






Rangamati accommodation =




 You will not find high quality hotels here.
♦ However, even if it is not of high quality, the hotels you will get are used in any way.
♦ Rangamati has various quality guest houses and residential hotels.
 Try to fix the hotel near the lake in the old bus stand and reserve market area of ​​Rangamati town.
♦ Then you can enjoy the environment and calm air of Kaptai Lake from the hotel.
♦ You can also contact boarding to stay low cost.
Although the cost of living in those boarding houses is low, their condition is not very good.
ঃ Names of some notable residential hotels
Hotel Green Castle: This hotel is located in the reserve market.
Tourist Motel: This hotel is located next to Rangamati Hanging Bridge.
♣ Rainbow Guest House
Hotel Sufia: Fishery Ghat, Kanthaltali.

Eating =
 Rangamati has numerous food restaurants of different quality.
আছে There are two food stalls at the very end inside the hanging bridge.
♦ They will have some different foods that you have never eaten before.
♦ Must try food.
You can eat your favorite food in any restaurant within reach.
 In the restaurant you will find all the traditional local food.
Be sure to taste these foods of different tastes.






Places of interest around Rangamati =
Besides, there are other interesting and scenic places in Rangamati district
♠ Jharna, Kaptai Lake, ♠ Sheikh Russell Aviary and Eco Park, Tribal Museum, ♠ Jhum Restaurant, ♠ Tuktuk Eco Village, ♠ Chitmaram Village and Tower, ♠ Yamchuk, Raikshyang Pond, ♠ Nirbanpur Rajban Kendra, Traditional Chakma Rajbari, ♠ Peda Ting Ting, Tribal Textile Market, ♠ Naval Picnic Spot, ♠ Rajasthani Hanging Bridge, ♠ Furmon Hills, ♠ Sajek Valley, ♠ Aryapur Dharmojjbal Banbihar, ♠ Daluchhari Jetban Bihar, ♠ Kattli Beel and Na-Kaba Chhara Jharna etc.

Warning =
 You must keep your belongings in your custody.
 The cost will be less except during off-season and holidays.
 When reserving a trawler / boat, say what you want to see and where to go.
 Bargain properly when reserving.
 Try to find a hotel near the lake.
♦ Somewhere somewhere the water of the lake is very deep, if you want to get down, ask the boatman.
♦ No one will find a way for him. The terrorist will find a way to the police.
Do not take any rickshaw unnecessarily.
♦ Common spots can be visited in one day.
 Please do something that harms the environment and biodiversity

Keep travel space clean.



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