Sonamarg, Srinagar, Kashmir.

How to go, where to stay, what is the cost or how sincere are the people there? Or the unwarranted harassment of the Kolkata police or the hassle of customs, or the reason why some hotels in Delhi, despite being India’s largest tourist country, say “Bangladeshi is banned” or the first snowfall of the season at Victoria Memorial, Delhi Red Fort, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Pahelgam … how, why, how many have said this many times before, thank you all. Our tour may have been easier because of them, but none of them said anything, for which I (less than the other two friends) had a lot of trouble.
This post is for those like me.
I mean, those who have runny noses with climate change. If you are traveling in India, please carry more pocket tissue if you are on the run.
I’m not joking.











You won’t even find what is available at drink shops in our country in some of their super shops! As a result, you might have to go to an expensive restaurant every day to pick up a tissue like mine (or tissue-like paper ?!) in your pocket (don’t say steal, we’d give tips with the price of food!) ! And if you enter a place like the Taj Mahal and keep pulling your nose again and again without seeing any way … I won’t say that anymore.
So for those of you like me, please don’t forget to go to India and take the second important thing after the passport i.e. pocket tissue. 🙂

And the troubles? It may be that they are almost like us, not a very civilized nation. Thank you.


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